Cabinet nod puts to rest speculation on Telangana composition

By giving its nod to the creation of Telangana with 10 districts including Hyderabad, the Union Cabinet on Thursday put to rest all speculation about the composition of the new state, which otherwise caused some unrest among both the separatists and the integrationists in Andhra Pradesh in the last few days.

TRS chief unhappy with Rayala Telangana, calls bandh on December 5

K Chandrasekhar Rao, the chief of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), has called for a bandh on Thursday following the Centre’s reported move to merge the proposed Telangana and some districts from the Rayalseema region.

Rayala Telangana proposal a tactful move of Congress?

The buzz in Andhra Pradesh political circles is that the Congress high command has tactfully floated the idea of creating "Rayala Telangana" state, rather than Telangana, to checkmate leaders on both sides of the regional divide.

TRS opposed to `Rayala Telangana` proposal

TRS on Sunday said it was opposed to the reported proposal to form `Rayala Telangana` state (by including two districts of Rayalaseema in the proposed Telangana state).