Diplomat arrest row: India has overreacted to Devyani`s arrest, says US media

The American media, which demanded action by the Obama Administration when a junior consular staff was detained in Lahore for killing two men, has attacked the Indian government for siding with its diplomat after her arrest and ill-treatment.

Pakistani youth`s killers forgiven by his parents

Parents of Shahzeb Khan, 20-year-old shot dead last year by sons of influential businessmen, said they had pardoned murderers, development that triggered sharp reactions on social media in Pakistan.

Widow, mother-in-law of Davis shooting victim murdered

The widow was murdered following a family dispute over the blood money and her desire to remarry, police officials said.

Osama, Raymond, NATO strike caused tense Pak-US ties

Pakistan foreign office spokesperson Abdul Basit admitted
that its relations with the US remained tense.

CIA contractor faces felony assault count in US

Raymond Davis is accused of getting
into a fight over a parking space in the state of Colorado.

CIA operative charged in parking spot fight

In January, Davis said he shot two Pakistani men who tried to rob him in Lahore.

Raymond Davis case: Victim’s family finally show up

The family had gone missing following the release of CIA agent Raymond Davis.

Zardari, Gilani ordered Raymond Davis’ release?

The fatal killings by CIA contractor in Lahore had ignited a furore in Pak.

Pak court gives more time to govt to submit info on foreigners

The petition has been filed in the backdrop of the shooting of 2 Pakistani men by Raymond Davis.

US doubts Pak`s plan to defeat Taliban: Report

Pakistan lacks a robust plan to defeat Taliban militants and its security forces struggle to hold areas cleared of the al-Qaida-linked fighters at great cost, according to US report released on Tuesday.

`Didn’t sign blood money deal in Davis case under pressure`

The heirs of 2 victims went missing after pardoning US` Raymond Davis.

Pakistan: 10 days to recover heirs of Raymond Davis’ victims

The heirs of Raymond Davis’ shootout victims have disappeared mysteriously.

Lahore HC directs both govts of Pak to explain Davis’ acquittal

Lahore HC has directed the federal and provincial governments of Pakistan to submit their replies on acquittal of dobule murder accused Raymond Davis.

Davis release: LHC seeks explanation on Sanaullah’s statement on missing families

Sanaullah had claimed that the missing families of Faizan and Fahim were in Rawalpindi.

Getting back to business as usual with Pak: US

American diplomat Raymond Davis was arrested in Lahore on murder charges.

Over 330 US officials may leave Pak under secret deal over Davis

Most of the officials are suspected of being engaged in espionage in Pak.

Davis` release has shamed Pakistan: Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that release of CIA contractor Raymond Davis had shamed Pak.

`Victims’ heirs not pressurised to accept blood money, pardon Davis`

Raymond Davis was arrested for killing Faizan Haider and Faheem Shamshad.

Pak Taliban threatens those who aided Davis` release

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has condemned the release of CIA contractor Raymond Davis under a "blood money" deal with relatives of two men he killed and threatened to target all those who aided the US in securing his acquittal.

Court, not govt, directed Davis’ release: Pak PM

Gilani said it was wrong to hold one institution responsible for acquittal.