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Rethinking roots of human culture

A new study has found that teaching is not essential for people to learn to make effective tools.

New network of artificial neurons can learn human language

Researchers have developed a new cognitive model, made up of two million interconnected artificial neurons, which can learn to communicate using human language.

Baby's first stool can help predict future IQ score

Analysis of a newborn`s first stool can alert doctors whether a child is at risk of problems with intelligence and reasoning, new research shows.

Gender distinction in moral judgments rooted in emotions rather than reasoning

A new study has revealed that gender difference in moral judgments is rooted in emotion, not reasoning.

Brain network behind superior reasoning skills identified

Scientists have found mounting evidence that helps explain how humans have excelled in "relational reasoning" or superior reasoning.

African grey parrots `cleverer than 2-year-old kid

No other animals apart from great apes match the African grey parrots’ ability to understand noise-related causal connections, scientists say.

Bofors: Court accepts CBI`s reasoning of foreign countries judgement

A Delhi Court hearing Bofors payoff
case, accepted CBI`s reasoning that the judgements of two
foreign countries reflected that the offence of conspiracy and
cheating was not made out against him.