Sudan Darfur rebel chief `killed in action`: Report

A Darfur rebel leader, who experts said was responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against Sudanese forces, has been killed in action, state-linked media said on Sunday.

South Sudan rebel chief promises talks to end war

South Sudan rebel chief Riek Machar has promised to attend peace talks, UN chief Ban Ki-moon announced Tuesday as he pushed efforts to end a brutal civil war he said "enrages my soul".

South Africa gives up plan to repatriate remains of rebel chief

South Africa has abandoned plans to find and repatriate from Australia the remains of one of the country`s first rebel leaders, Dawid Stuurman, because they cannot be located.

South Sudan rebel chief Athor killed

South Sudanese rebel chief George Athor has been killed in a clash with soldiers of the newly independent nation.

‘Commander`s killing Gaddafi`s conspiracy’

The assassination of Abdel Fattah Younes was planned by Gaddafi, rebel chief Mustafa Jalil said.

Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he quits: Rebel chief

Gaddafi is welcome to live out his retirement inside Libya as long as he gives up all power, Libya`s rebel chief said.

Libyan rebel chief in London to discuss new office

The head of Libya`s rebel council will meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Rebel chief arrested in DR Congo over mass rape: UN

UN accuses Mayele of leading a coalition of fighters who raped 500 people.