Seventy Ethiopian migrants drown off Red Sea coast of Yemen

At least 70 Ethiopians drowned when a boat used by smugglers to transport illegal migrants to Yemen sank in the Red Sea in rough weather, security authorities in the western part of the country said on Sunday.

African migrant boat capsizes off Yemen, 70 dead

Yemeni security officials say a boat carrying African migrants has capsized off the country's western coast, killing 70.

'Yemen rebels seize Red Sea city of Hudeida'

Yemeni rebels captured the strategic Red Sea city of Hudeida in a lightning offensive, less than a month after they seized the capital, a security official said Tuesday.

Snake robot to aid search-and-rescue

Inspired by the amazing ability of sidewinder snakes to quickly climb sandy slopes, researchers have created a robot that can climb sand hills better, an advance that may aid search-and-rescue operations.

`Iran weapons ship` arrives in Israel

A ship allegedly carrying advanced rockets from Iran to Gaza that was intercepted by the Israeli navy was escorted into the Red Sea port of Eilat on Saturday.

Sudan says has no links to Red Sea `arms ship`

Sudan has no connection with a ship intercepted in the Red Sea allegedly carrying rockets from Iran to Gaza, Khartoum`s foreign ministry said today.

First dinosaur fossils dating back 72 mn years found in Saudi Arabia

An international team of scientists from have now uncovered the first record of dinosaurs from Saudi Arabia, which are exceptionally rare in the Arabian Peninsula.

Egypt: Tourists rescued from boat in Red Sea

An Egyptian security official says 30 people including Russian tourists have been rescued from a boat before it capsized in the Red Sea.

13 killed in Yemen violence

At least 13 people were killed following clashes between the Yemeni Army and tribal saboteurs who blocked repairs of the country`s main oil pipeline, officials said Saturday.

Israel, Jordan, Palestinians to sign Red Sea-Dead Sea deal

Representatives of Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians will today sign a "historic" agreement to link the Red Sea with the shrinking Dead Sea, an Israeli minister said.

Navy seeks two missing after chopper crash; three saved

The US Navy says search teams are looking for two missing airmen after a helicopter crash in the Red Sea.

US helicopter crashes in Red Sea

A US navy helicopter crashed in the Red Sea Sunday and five personnel onboard were reported missing, Xinhua reported.

USS Nimitz carrier moves into Red Sea

The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and four other ships in its strike group moved into the Red Sea, US defense officials said, describing the move as "prudent planning" in case the ships are needed for military action against Syria.

Jordan to launch `first phase` of Dead Sea canal

Jordan on Monday said it plans to build parts of a project linking the Red Sea to the shrinking Dead Sea that would supply the parched country with desalinated water.

Israel denies link with arms ship seized by Egypt

Israel`s government strenuously denied it had any link to an arms-laden ship that Egypt said its Navy seized.

New island born in Red Sea after volcanic activity

The underwater volcano behind the formation is located on the Red Sea Rift, where the African and Arabian tectonic plates are slowly pulling apart.

`Mubarak likely to be tried in Red Sea resort`

The 83-year-old former strongman has been detained in a Sharm el-Sheikh hospital since April.

Iranian Navy sends submarines to Red Sea

Iran has sent submarines to the Red Sea in the first such deployment by the country`s navy in distant waters.

Egypt blames Palestinian factions for Red Sea rocket attacks

Egypt said on Wednesday that "Palestinian
factions" were behind this week`s rocket attacks on Israel and
Jordan, the MENA news agency reported, apparently implying the
rockets were fired from the Sinai peninsula.

Egypt launches security sweep after Red Sea attack

Egypt has launched a wide
security sweep of Sinai, as it continued to deny on Tuesday that
the heavily-guarded peninsula could have been used to launch
rockets that landed in Israel and Jordan.