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Great ways red wine can add value to your health!

Great ways red wine can add value to your health!

Drinking of red wine have many health benefits. Drinking of red wine brings some happy health benefits, like preserving your facial skin and slimming your waistline.

Red wine before smoking can offset damage to blood vessels

Red wine before smoking can offset damage to blood vessels

Drinking red wine is widely regarded as protective against cardiovascular disease.

Red wine- the new medicine for hormonal imbalance in women

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New Delhi: A new study has revealed that red wine can actually acts as a cure for hormonal imbalance in women.

Consuming red wine, grapes can reduce asthma to considerable level: Experts

Consuming red wine and grapes can help to reduce inflammatory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and middle ear infection (otitis media) and asthma, as per a recent study.

This is why you need to unwin(e)d with a glass of red wine after dinner! – Watch video

While many people assume that drinking alcohol before bedtime is bad for health and can result in weight gain, a research suggests the opposite.

Blueberries, red wine can help in erectile dysfunction

Flavonoid-rich foods are associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction, says a new study.

Diabetic? Daily glass of red wine can improve heart health

 A glass of red wine every night may help people with Type-2 diabetes manage their cholesterol and cardiac health, suggests new research.

News worth toasting to: Red wine, dark chocolate can benefit Alzheimer's patients

A compound found in grape skins and red wine called resveratrol is thought to impact Alzheimer's disease biomarker.

Red wine research in dogs can help treat humans

Researchers have discovered that a compound found commonly in grape skins and red wine affects the immune systems of dogs in different ways.

Health benefits of drinking red wine!

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New Delhi: Often we tend to think that red wine being an alcoholic drink, it is harmful for health but in contrast, it has many benefits which is good for health. Red wine is a type of wine made from dark-coloured grape.

A glass of red wine a night may prove good for diabetics' hearts

Good news for wine loving diabetics! A new study has claimed that having a glass of red wine every night could be beneficial for diabetes in managing their cholesterol and protecting their hearts.

These Valentine's Day goodies are good for health too

Gorging on Valentine's Day favorites like dark chocolate, red wine and strawberries can be beneficial for you loved one's heart too.

Over-weight? Red wine could help you burn fat

Drinking red grape juice or wine in moderation could improve the health of over-weight people by helping them burn fat better, says a study.

Red wine, peanuts may help prevent age-related memory loss

A new study has recently revealed that compound found in grapes, red wine and peanuts may help prevent age-related memory loss.

Red wine helps Felicity Jones for crying scenes

Actress Felicity Jones says drinking red wine helps her prepare for emotionally draining scenes.

How red wine helps keep heart diseases at bay

Natural substance found in red wine, resveratrol, inhibits the formation of inflammatory factors that generates cardiovascular diseases.

Secrets of red wine's success against cancer revealed

In a new study, scientists have explained how the resveratrol found in red wine helps in preventing head and neck cancer.

Man United won`t persue complaint over wine incident

Man United won`t persue complaint over wine incident

Manchester United won`t make an official complaint after an Arsenal fan allegedly threw red wine at the visitors` bench during their 2-1 win at the Emirates stadium.

A glass of red wine worth an hour of exercise

 According to a research, a glass of red wine could provide one with the same benefits an hour's exercise would give.

Drink red wine to boost spinal bone density

A new research has revealed that a natural compound found in red wine and grapes, resveratrol, helps in boosting spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome.