Ocean acidification slowly damaging coral reefs
Ocean acidification slowly damaging coral reefs

Scientists have found that acidification in ocean can lead to disintegration of the coral reefs.

Dredging can double fatal disease risks in corals: Study

A new study has revealed that coral reefs face more than twice as much coral disease risks at dredging sites than at control sites.

How one of Earth`s oldest reefs was formed 550m years ago

A new research has revealed one of these reefs located on dry land in Namibia was built almost 550 million years ago by the first animals to have hard shells.

Reefs coped mass extinction earlier than Earth

Researchers had always assumed it took the Earth as long as five million years to recover from the species collapse.

Soft corals are key building blocks of reefs

Scientists have long believed that soft corals, one of the many endangered elements of marine life, are only minor contributors to the structure of coral reefs.

Robot finds reefs in unexplored deep sea waters in Australia

A high-tech underwater robot has discovered diverse coral reefs living in the deep waters.

Puerto Rico aims to protect newly discovered reefs

The reefs — at a depth of up to 500 feet (152 meters) in an area 12 miles (19 kilometers) across — were recently discovered.