Judi Dench found refuge in films post hubby's death
Judi Dench found refuge in films post hubby's death

 Oscar-winning actress Judi Dench has revealed she took a lot of work post her husband Michael Williams's demise in 2001 to overcome the grief of his loss.

'Godman' Rampal provided refuge to Naxalites?

Naxals arrested from Rampal's Satlok Ashram have revealed that the so called godman used to give refuge to Naxalites in his Ashram, as per the reports.

Persecuted Pakistani Muslim minority seek refuge in China

Fleeing discrimination and violence, members of a Muslim sect have abandoned their homes in Pakistan to find an unlikely refuge in China.

Penguins in peril find refuge in New Zealand

"You`re a bit grumpy aren`t you mate," says conservationist Shirleen Helps as she expertly handles a squawking penguin doing its best to peck her unprotected fingers.

Fearful Syrians seek refuge in Lebanon

Hundreds of Syrians fleeing a deadly crackdown on two-month-old protests are pouring into Lebanon.

TN govt to form commissionerate for refugees rehabilitation

Tamil Nadu government would form a commissionerate for refugees rehabilitation and overseas Tamils.

N Korean leader`s son denies asylum rumours: Report

The eldest son of North Korea`s
reclusive leader denied rumours that he intends to seek refuge in Europe.

Bin Laden family pleads for refuge

Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden`s son issued a plea today for some country to accept members of his family seeking to leave Iran, where they have been held under house arrest since 2001.