Pee-powered "green" toilet to light up refugee camps

A toilet that uses urine to generate electricity and can charge a mobile phone will soon light up dark corners of refugee camps after being tested by students in Britain.

UP`s Rs.90 crore for 1,800 riot-hit Muslim families

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to dole out Rs.90 crore as a one-time financial aid to some 1,800 riot-hit Muslim families still in refugee camps so that they start life anew.

Muzaffarnagar riots left 113 dead: Jamaat

A total of 97 Muslims and 16 non-Muslims were killed in the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh last month, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has said.

Over 800 Somali kids arrive in Kenyan camps daily

The children are among nearly 1,300 people who arrive each day at the Dadaab refugee camps.

Haiti quake refugee camps tighten security to prevent rapes

One of the unmentioned effects of last month’s earthquake in Haiti is that women and young girls are suffering a rising number of rapes and sexual assaults, according to leading aid agencies.

‘Sri Lanka`s camp inmates free to leave Tuesday’

Sri Lanka will on Monday allow
thousands of civilians to leave state-run camps where they
have been detained since the military`s victory over Tamil
Tiger separatist rebels, a senior official said.

UN chief welcomes decision to open refugee camps in Lanka

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has welcomed Colombo`s decision to grant freedom of movement to the displaced Tamils living in the military guarded camps at the Northern Vayuniya district in Sri Lanka.

UN official visits Sri Lanka refugee camps

A top UN official toured camps holding thousands of war-displaced civilians in northern Sri Lanka on Thursday, amid concerns over delays in resettling the refugees.

`Sri Lanka has imposed iron curtain on refugee camps`

The Sri Lankan government has been accused of dropping a "modern-day iron curtain" over an unfolding humanitarian crisis in its camps for Tamils displaced by its recent war against separatists.

‘LTTE attempting to reorganise, rescue hardcore cadres’

The LTTE could be attempting to revive the organisation amid efforts by the defeated terror group to rescue hardcore cadres housed in govt-run refugees camps.