R2P selectively used for regime change: India

Citing the example of Libya
and Syria, India expressed concern that the UN principle
of "responsibility to protect" is being selectively used to
promote national interests and bring about regime change in
the conflict countries.

Yemen protesters demand quick regime change

Saudi Arabia has proposed that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down within 30 days.

External forces cannot decide regime change in Libya: India

India out with a strong message that "external powers" cannot decide the regime change in Libya after a strong demand was made in the Lok Sabha that
the House unanimously pass a resolution condemning allied airstrikes on Libya.

US may be seeking Israel `regime change`

The Obama administration`s row with Israel over settlements has prompted some analysts to wonder whether it seeks "regime change," a new government that can make peace with the Palestinians.

It`s for Iranians to decide about regime change: US

The US on Wednesday said it is for the people of Iran to decide about regime change in their country and ruled out playing any role in this regard.

Bush, Blair appeared to have "converged" on Iraq regime change

George W Bush and Tony Blair appeared to have "converged" on regime change in Iraq after talks at the US President`s Texas ranch in April 2002.