China frees prominent lawyer who defended religious freedom

China freed a prominent human rights lawyer after three years in prison, his brother told a news agency, ending the latest period of detention for the religious-freedom campaigner whose treatment attracted international condemnation.

UN religion expert concerned over ``interrupted`` Vietnam visit

A UN expert expressed worry on Thursday over "serious violations" of religious freedom in Vietnam following a fact-finding mission he said was interrupted by surveillance, harassment and intimidation.

China slams US report on religious freedom

China on Wednesday accused the US of having a "political bias" and expressed its "firm opposition" to an American report alleging that the Communist nation severely restricted religious freedom of Tibetans and Uygur Muslims.

Protect lives of religious minorities: US to Pak

After 25 Shia pilgrims were killed by terrorists in Balochistan, the US has severely condemned the tragic incident and has asked Pakistan to take steps to protect the lives of its religious minorities.

Sudan judge sentences Christian woman to death for apostasy

A Sudanese judge on Thursday sentenced a Christian woman to hang for apostasy, despite appeals by Western embassies for compassion and respect for religious freedom.

US Supreme Court allows prayer at government meetings

The US Supreme Court Monday upheld the right to pray at government meetings, in a divided decision which said the practice did not violate religious freedoms.

US panel on religious freedom seeks action on Pakistan

An independent Congress-appointed panel on religious freedom has asked the Obama Administration to add Pakistan in the list of countries that violate religious freedom.

Pakistani Hindus demand religious freedom

The minority Hindu community in Pakistan has asked the government to ensure religious freedom, protection of lives and properties and grant them their fundamental rights.

India has mechanism to address religious freedom violations: US

Indian democratic system, independent judiciary etc together provide necessary mechanism to address violations of religious freedom, the US said.

India respects religious freedom: US report

India has been lauded by an official US report for "generally respecting" religious freedom.

US critical on religious freedom in Russia

A US State Department report says Russia "often failed to distinguish between peaceful religious practice and criminal activities".

Panchen Lama says Tibetans enjoy religious freedom

The Panchen Lama is the second-ranked religious leader to
Tibetans, after the Dalai Lama.

Pak failed to protect religious freedom: US body

The USCIRF wants Pakistan to be declared as a `country of particular concern`.

`Make religious freedom top priority for US-Pak ties’

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops expresses concern about religious freedom in Pakistan.

Pak Sikh to sue security personnel over religious freedom

A Pakistani Sikh was stopped from entering the court complex with his kirpan.

US praises UPA’s religious freedom, frowns on RSS

US has given India`s UPA govt high marks on religious freedom, but criticized RSS for Hindutva.

Serious problems in Pak on religious freedom: US

A US report notes that ties between religious communities remained tense.

US commission on religious freedom puts India on Watch List

India is among the countries which have been put on the `Watch List` of a bipartisan US panel on global religious freedom, which termed its progress in protecting the rights of minorities as mixed.

India on US `watch list` on religious freedom

A bipartisan US panel on global religious freedom has placed India on its `Watch List` for the 2nd year.

Christians in Nepal demand total religious freedom

On the eve of Christmas, the Christian community in Nepal on Thursday demanded total religious freedom and an end to discrimination on the basis of religion in the constitution that is being drafted.