Bobby Jindal still mulling 2016 White House run

Louisiana`s Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal will not make a decision about a White House run in 2016 until after November as he tries to make his Republican Party "stop being the stupid party.

US Republican chairman: Hillary Clinton`s age, health ``fair game``

Hillary Clinton`s age and health are valid campaign issues if the 66-year-old Democrat makes another run for U.S. president in 2016, the Republican Party leader said on Sunday.

Indian-American elected for top Republican post in Iowa

Indian-American businessman Gopal T K Krishna has been elected as the co-chair of the Republican Party in the US state of Iowa.

US Republican party denies inviting Narendra Modi to address leaders

Republican leaders have denied extending an invitation to Narendra Modi to address Congressional leaders and Indian-Americans via video link next week.

Chris Christie wins big in New Jersey, Democrat takes Virginia in governors` races

Moderate Republican Chris Christie easily won re-election as New Jersey governor, while a conservative Republican popular with the Tea Party movement narrowly lost his bid for the Virginia governorship.

US shutdown: Obama rejects proposed debt plan by Republicans

The White House on Tuesday dismissed a possible plan by the Republicans that could have put an end to the US shutdown and end the political deadlock.

Obama, top Republicans agree to continue talks on shutdown

US President Barack Obama and the Republican party leadership have decided to continue talks to find any possible deal to re-open government and raise the debt ceiling, but there was no immediate resolution in site to end the current impasse.

US shutdown: Obama invites Republicans, Democrats to White House for talks

In a bid to resolve the stalemate and to increase the debt ceiling, US President Barack Obama will meet Republicans and Democrats at White House on Wednesday.

US security concerns force CIA to call back some employees amid shutdown

In view of the national security, CIA has reportedly asked some employees to return to work as their absence is posing a threat.

Republicans hire Hispanic personnel in seven key states

The RNC announced the hiring of state and local directors in California, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

US govt shutdown enters 2nd week as October 17 deadline nears

The White House and the Democratic party leadership in the Congress, by late last night, were appeared to be working towards to convince the Republican party to agree to a long-term USD 1 trillion debt-limit increase.

Obama `exasperated` by government shutdown

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he is "exasperated" by the lack of agreement that led to the paralysis of the federal government and warned that Wall Street "should be concerned" about the economic consequences.

US shutdown crisis: Barack Obama curtails 4-nation Asia trip

The President, however, will continue with the trip to Indonesia and Brunei.

No solution in sight as US shutdown enters Day 3

The statements by the White House and the US House Speaker John Boehner provided after the closed door meeting at White House, only highlighted the divide that remains intact between Democrats and Republicans.

US President hails Obamacare, slams `Republican shutdown`

US President Barack Obama urged them to “reopen the government” and warned that longer the shutdown stays more harm it will inflict.

US Republicans appeasing `extremists` on shutdown: Obama

US President Barack Obama has accused Republicans of pandering to the "extreme right wing" of their party and holding Americans hostage in a budget dispute threatening to shutter the government.

UN climate report will not sway US deniers

The upcoming UN report on climate change is not likely to rattle US deniers of global warming who hold sway in the halls of power, experts say.

Candidate in Maldives election to contest result

A losing candidate in the recent Maldives presidential election has gone to court seeking an annulment of the result, saying the voter`s register contained the names of dead people or imaginary names.

Warning to channels against programmes on Hillary

The Republican Party has warned several mainstream US news channels against airing programmes on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is seen as potential Democratic candidate for 2016 presidential polls.

Sarah Palin to create `Freedom party` if Republican neglect conservatives

Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has reportedly expressed her keenness to bolt from the Republican Party and create a new ` Freedom Party` if the Grand Old Party continues to ignore the conservatives.