Israel PM angrily accused Palestine for choosing Hamas instead of peace, unity deal stucks

Israel`s security cabinet met Thursday to weigh its retaliation to a unity deal struck between the Palestinian leadership and the Hamas rulers of Gaza.

`Will retaliate in case of another 26/11`

The Indian government`s response was restrained despite the public calls to hit back over 26/11 attacks.

Pakistan suspected of retaliating after US raid

Suspicion rose Monday that Pakistan`s intelligence service leaked the name of the CIA chief in Islamabad to local media in anger over the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

South Korea warns North of `retaliation` after attack

S Korea has warned of "enormous retaliation" if North launches fresh attacks against its territory.

China steps up retaliation against Norway for Nobel

China broadened its retaliation against Norway on Tuesday for the selection of a Chinese dissident for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

Study shows Israelis and Palestinians both retaliate

The findings defy perception that Palestinians attack randomly.

S Korea pledges immediate retaliation against North

South Korea vowed Tuesday as part of a new military directive to retaliate immediately if North Korea fires across the disputed sea border.

CRPF opened fire in Sopore in retaliation: Tripathy

CRPF on Friday night said its personnel
were forced to open fire in Sopore town of Jammu and Kashmir
in retaliation to terrorists` fire on its men which left one
of its inspectors seriously wounded.

N Korea warns of `tough retaliation` against UN action

South Korea seeks global backing for its campaign to punish the North.

Retaliation fears stalk Nigeria city after clashes

Sporadic shooting rang out overnight in the central Nigerian city of Jos and witnesses said at least one person was killed by soldiers enforcing a curfew days after attacks on three nearby Christian villages.

Israeli jets bomb Gaza targets in retaliation

Israeli jets early on Saturday bombed
several targets across the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in response
to militant rocket fire, the Army and Palestinian witnesses