Iran shows its copy of US drone in flight

State television aired footage Wednesday of the test flight of a drone which Iran says it reverse engineered from a US aircraft that came down over its territory in 2011.

Yemen frees Iran 'Guards' accused of links to Shiite rebels

Yemen has freed two Iranians said to be members of the Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guards who were accused of links to Shiite rebels, according to sources.

Morsi accused of leaking Egypt security secrets to Iran

Prosecutors on Sunday accused deposed president Mohamed Morsi of leaking state secrets to Iran`s Revolutionary Guards.

Iran insist US to crosscheck it`s drones

Tehran: Iranian state TV have showed the unmanned US drone that Revolutionary Guards claimed to have captured over gulf waters.

War with Israel is certain: Iran

Iran has acknowledged the probability of war with Israel for the first time, claiming it will destroy the Jewish state.

Iran behind Israeli car bomb attack: Reports

The Delhi Police have concluded that there was a clear Iran hand in the failed car bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi earlier this year.

Iran buries key missile commander killed in blast

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for better observance of safety standards at military sites.

Iran Guards bag multi-billion dollar gas contracts: State TV

Iran has signed contracts with local firms to develop six gas fields.

Pro-government rallies reported across Iran

Tens of thousands of government supporters rallied on Tuesday, state media said, and a reformist party called on Iran`s rulers to apologize to the nation two days after eight people were killed in anti-government protests.

Iran`s Revolutionary Guards to hold military manoeuvres

Iran`s Revolutionary Guards were scheduled to begin military manoeuvres on Sunday, the news network Khabar reported.

Pak releases 11 detained Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Pakistan Tuesday released 11 Iranian Revolutionary Guards who had been detained Monday for trespassing into the country`s territory, a media report said.

Iran to "blow up heart" of Israel if attacked: Official

Iran would "blow up the heart" of Israel if it was attacked by the Jewish state or the United States, a Revolutionary Guards official was quoted Friday as saying.