China asks rich nations to pay for action on climate change

Ahead of a number of key meetings on climate change, China Tuesday asked developed nations to pay their committed amounts to finance efforts to combat global warming.

IMF contest: Rich nations don`t want to give up power, says PM

Amid tussle
for top IMF post, PM Manmohan Singh said
struggle for a "equitable" world order will take long as rich
nations do not want to give up power easily.

Rich nations to offer $20 bn for Arab Spring

The leaders of Egypt and Tunisia are meeting with G8 leaders and EU leaders.

Quest for asylum in rich nations fell in 2010: UNHCR

The US remains the largest single destination for new asylum seekers in 2010.

Rich nations, emerging economies criticise first climate draft

The first draft treaty to arrest climate change was a target of attack by developed countries who dubbed the document as "flawed".

Rich nations must help Amazon forests

Brazil`s president said Thursday that "gringos" should pay Amazon nations to prevent deforestation, insisting rich Western nations have caused much more past environmental destruction than the loggers and farmers.

`Rich nations should stop blaming India for global warming`

India has said the Copenhagen conference on climate change scheduled in Dec would not succeed unless developed nations stop blaming it.