Stop cruel horse-drawn carriage rides in Mumbai: Jacqueline

Jacqueline has sent a letter to the Mumbai Municipal Commissioner, asking him to stop "cruel" horse-drawn carriage rides in the city.

Kate Middleton to ride in Diana`s carriage

The royal couple will ride the same carriage that had carried Charles-Diana.

Crocodiles ride ocean currents to cross large areas of open sea

Crocodiles ride ocean currents for ocean travel, a new Australian research reveals.

Quebec Premier takes a ride on Delhi Metro

Premier of Canada`s Quebec province Jean Charest on Saturday took a ride on the Delhi Metro and visited the Metro Museum at the Patel Chowk station here.

Mobile technology may help city dwellers hitch ride

Hitch-hikers have always used their thumbs to get a ride. Now a new invention aims to update the technique -- allowing mobile phone users to dial-a-driver.