Dad died of kidney failure: Robin Gibb`s son

Robin Gibb`s son Robin John has clarified that his father died of kidney failure and not of cancer.

Robin Gibb unable to speak due to cancer treatment

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has not been able to speak for a week due to a tracheotomy tube in his neck.

Cancer-stricken Robin Gibb set to leave hospital this week

Gibb could be discharged from hospital within this week as the Bee Gee continues to make a miraculous recovery from cancer.

Bad news for Robin Gibb after waking from coma

Robin Gibb is suffering from colorectal cancer, and still remains in intensive care after waking from coma, his doctor said on Sunday.

Robin Gibb `nods out of coma`

Robin Gibb, who slipped into coma last week, has been nodding his head and communicating with friends and family.

Robin Gibb was still writing songs shortly before slipping into coma

Robin was still writing lyrics and making a “bucket list” of things to do in his hospital bed shortly before he fell into a coma.

Robin Gibb slips into coma as docs fear he only has days to live

Robin Gibb is lying in a coma raising fears that he is in the final stages of cancer.