Earth's magnetic flip could lead to surge in cancer rates
Earth's magnetic flip could lead to surge in cancer rates

Earth's magnetic field could flip very quickly - perhaps within a human lifespan, causing mutations and cancer surge, according to a new study.

No thigh bone on Mars, says NASA

NASA has confirmed there is no human bone on Mars after an image taken by the Curiosity rover showing a "femur thigh bone" went viral on various websites.

Deep drilling to study earthquakes in Maharashtra

A major national project involving deep drilling in the earthquake-prone Koyna intra-plate seismic zone in Maharashtra has been initiated by the central government for conducting scientific studies related to earthquakes, a statement said Thursday.

World`s largest water reservoir found deep in earth

In what could quench the thirst of billions of people in the future, researchers have discovered our planet`s largest water reservoir 640 km beneath our feet - bound up in rock deep in the earth`s mantle.

These X-rays locate diamonds hidden deep in rocks

German researchers have developed a unique X-ray technique that brightens the prospects of locating diamonds hidden deep in rocks.

Martian dust reveals water content in ancient times

Mars rover Curiosity has more than 120,000 measurements of surface rocks and soil and in the process revealed a more detailed image of how much water was once present on the Red Planet.

Exact source of Stonehenge rocks identified

Researchers have been able to pinpoint the specific source of the Stonehenge rocks.

Planktons found in 3 billion-year-old microfossils

Researchers have revealed that the spindle-shaped inclusions in 3 billion-year-old rocks are microfossils of plankton that probably inhabited the oceans around the globe during that time.

Rocks, minerals and fossils expo opens in Mumbai

The 2nd edition of `Rocks, Minerals and Fossils Exhibition`, which began in Mumbai today, will conclude on Jan 7.

Mars rover Opportunity examining rocks at new site

The Mars rover Opportunity is snapping pictures like a tourist since arriving at its latest crater destination.

Solar system`s early rocks `akin to candy floss`

The earliest rocks were fragile and akin to candy floss rather than the hard rock of today.

JLo shows off $5m worth rocks at Golden Globes

Lopez turned up at the Golden Globe Award ceremony this year in jewels.

Quake rocks southern Iran: Report

A moderate earthquake rocked
southern Iran Friday, state television`s website reported, with no immediate word on any casualties or damage.

Apollo moon rocks lost in space? No, lost on Earth

The discovery of a fake moon rock in the Netherlands` national museum should be a wake-up call for more than 130 countries that received gifts of lunar rubble from both the Apollo 11 flight in 1969 and Apollo 17 three years later.