Digvijay Singh condemns Haryana `honour` killings

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Sunday condemned the brutal killing of a young couple in Gharnavati village in Haryana`s Rohtak district in name of honour.

Haryana dishonour killing: Girl`s father has `no regrets`

After a young couple allegedly eloped in Haryana, Nidhi and Dharmendra were brutally murder by the girl`s family in a case of alleged honour killing.

Haryana dishonour killing: Father, uncle of girl arrested

In a bone-chilling case, a man and a woman studying together in a college were murdered in a village in Haryana in a suspected case of dishonour killing.

Shatabdi kills three in Haryana

Three people were killed on Friday when the New Delhi-Ludhiana Shatabdi Express ran over them while they were crossing the rail tracks in Haryana.