Sportspersons are my fitness role models: John Abraham

Actor-producer John Abraham says sportspersons across the world are his role models as far as fitness is concerned.

Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown named `worst celebrity role models` for kids

Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown have been voted as the worst celebrity role model for children, according to a new survey.

Modi, Chouhan role models for development: Advani

Senior BJP leader LK Advani alleged the Congress-led UPA government was mired in scams while Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan were emerging as "role models for development".

David and Victoria Beckham named Best Parent `Role Models`

David and Victoria Beckham have been voted as the Best Parents `Role Model` in a UK poll.

72,000 British families lack male role models

Around 72,000 families in Britain have no male parent or role models at home and are headed by a single mother, a study has found.

Chinese school picks ‘macho boys, cute girls’ as role models for students

A school in China put forward a code of conduct for students to fall under the category of ‘macho boys’ and ‘cute and girls’.

45 pc teens look to parents as sexual role models more than friends

A new survey has indicated that 45 pc teenagers consider their parents to be their sexuality role model.

Teacher and parents ‘are better role models for kids than stars’

A new research has revealed that the idea of footballers and other celebrities being role models for young children is nothing but a myth.

For most Delhi students, parents are role models

Contrary to popular belief, parents are the biggest role models for children in Delhi, a latest study among school students in the capital has shown.