Mars` Curiosity rover finds `Australia` on Red Planet!

NASA`s Mars rover Curiosity has begun operations in a new area on the Red Planet nicknamed "the Kimberly" after the Western Australian region.

Unmanned NASA Rover photographs `bizarre` UFO on Mars

An unmanned NASA Rover has captured images of a celestial object, believed to be a UFO, on Mars.

Rover Curiosity finds `abundant` water in Martian soil

The first scoop of soil analysed by the Curiosity rover reveals that fine materials on the Martian surface may contain "abundant" water, Xinhua reported Thursday citing US researchers.

Rover Curiosity gears up to find Martian bedrock

After being parked at a sand dune for a month, NASA’s over Curiosity is set to move on to find Martian bedrock for drilling into.

Curiosity suggests gale crater on Mars might be drier than expected

Preliminary data from the NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity indicate that the Gale Crater landing site might be drier than expected.

Curiosity nearly completes 7-foot arm tests on Mars

NASA’s Mars Curiosity team is almost finished robotic arm tests in preparation for the rover to touch and examine its first Martian rock.