Nepal earthquake: Man pulled alive from rubble after more than 80 hours

A Nepali-French search and rescue team pulled a 28-year-old man, Rishi Khanal, from a collapsed apartment block in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu on Tuesday after he had spent around 80 hours in a room with three dead bodies.

Disaster response robots to discern between humans and rubble
Disaster response robots to discern between humans and rubble

Researchers have developed a new algorithm that allows robots to differentiate between humans and debris while carrying out search and rescue operations following a natural disaster.

Making bombs into flower vases: Remnants of war become art in Gaza

Four flower vases adorn the living room of Hossam al-Dabbus`s home. Initially inconspicuous, a closer look reveals they are made of Israeli tank shells collected by war-scarred Gazans.

Five quake survivors saved from rubble in Turkey

As over 200 aftershocks rocked the area, rescuers searched mounds of debris for the missing and tearful families.

Rescue workers find tons of cash in rubble in Japan

Hit by world`s worst calamity, the Japanese haven`t lost their honesty even in adversity.

Soldiers, monks clear rubble in quake-hit China

Tibetan monks prayed over hundreds of bodies Friday at a makeshift morgue next to their monastery after powerful earthquakes destroyed the remote mountain town of Jiegu in western China and left at least 791 people dead.

Three years needed to move rubble: Haitian Prez

It will take three long years to clear the rubble left by Haiti`s devastating earthquake, said President Rene Preval who admitted even he`s still afraid to sleep under concrete in case another quake strikes.

Haiti girl saved from rubble after 15 days

Rescuers on Wednesday dragged a Haitian girl alive from the rubble 15 days after a devastating quake, in a rare moment of joy for a country where victims still face a desperate shortage of aid.