Video shows near-vertical crash of Russian plane

The passenger jet went down in a steep dive and exploded in a giant fireball on the tarmac in a chilling video broadcast on Monday by Russian television stations.

Drunk passenger flying chopper caused fatal crash

An inquiry into a helicopter crash in Russia has revealed that the accident which killed all the three aboard occurred because a drunk passenger was allowed to fly the chopper by its drunk pilot.

‘Navigator in Russian plane crash drunk’

The Tu-134 slammed into a highway just minutes before it was to land at the Petrozavodsk airport.

`Blonde`s error cause behind Russia plane crash’

The `blonde`s error` has been
identified as the cause of the crash of Yakovlev Yak-42 jet
plane last week.

Russian Prez orders airline shutdown after crash

The Kremlin said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been put in charge of the airline overhaul.

Tens of thousands mourn Russian crash victims

The crash that killed 43 people was one of the worst aviation disasters ever in sports.

Russia: Investigators examining plane`s black box

Aviation authorities say they will inspect all Yak-42 jets currently in service in Russia.

Russia plane crash: Pilot error blamed

Russian authorities Wednesday said
pilot error could be the cause for the air crash in Karelia
region even as the death toll climbed to 45 after a 9-year-old
boy succumbed to injuries.