Extreme sportsman says he painted a Ukraine flag on Moscow skyscraper

A renowned Ukrainian extreme sportsman said he scaled a landmark Moscow skyscraper and painted a star at the top of the building in the blue-and-yellow colours of the Ukrainian national flag in a burst of patriotic feeling.

Under fire for aid move, Russia lashes out at Ukraine, Lithuania

Russia on Friday defended its decision to send a humanitarian aid convoy into Ukraine without official permission, saying there was sometimes "no chain of command" in Kiev and that Moscow was fed up playing games with the Ukrainian authorities.

EU deplores Russia`s humanitarian convoy into Ukraine

The European Union (EU) Friday deplored as illegal Russia`s decision to send humanitarian consignment into Ukrainian territory without escort of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) or consent of the Ukrainian government.

US, EU warn Russia of further sanctions, ask to withdraw convoy from Ukraine

The West rebuked Russia for sending scores of trucks from a controversial aid convoy to east Ukraine`s rebel-held Lugansk in a move Kiev decried as an "invasion."

UN Security Council meets over Russia aid convoy

United Nations: The UN Security Council met for emergency consultations today after Russia sent an aid convoy rolling into eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow rebels are fighting Kiev`s forces.

UN Security Council to meet over Russia aid convoy

United Nations: The United Nations Security Council is to hold emergency consultations on Thursday after Russia sent an aid convoy rolling into eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow rebels are fighting Kiev`s forces.

Merkel slams Russia over Ukraine convoy

Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has accused Russia of risking a further escalation of the conflict in eastern Ukraine by sending an aid convoy into the region without Kiev`s permission.

Joe Biden voices support for Georgia`s NATO wishes

Vice President Joe Biden tells Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili that he supports the former Soviet republic`s desire to join NATO.

Russian convoy move `only deepens crisis`: NATO

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen sharply criticised the Russian decision to advance a "so-called" aid convoy into Ukraine as a "blatant breach" of international commitments.

Two Indians to feature at Tatarstan ethnic festival

Two Indian artists will feature at the sixth edition of Tatarstan`s Krutushka ethnic festival that began in the village of the same name and will showcase the culture of different parts of Russia and the world.

Russian humanitarian convoy enters Ukraine

A total of 70 Russian trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered Ukrainian territory Friday after clearing border customs.

Russia, in sanctions retaliation, bars entry to some Japanese citizens

Russia`s foreign ministry said on Friday it had handed Japan`s ambassador in Moscow a list of Japanese citizens barred from entering Russia.

Moscow defies Kiev, orders aid convoy onto Ukrainian soil

Russia ordered a convoy of aid trucks across the border into eastern Ukraine on Friday apparently without Kiev`s permission, raising the danger of direct confrontation with the Ukrainian military which is fighting pro-Russian rebels.

Russia holds Japan whaling research vessel

A Japanese whaling vessel and its crew were being held in Russia on Friday after the ship entered Russian territorial waters without permission, Tokyo said.

Russian Communist park restored amid wave of nostalgia

Sliding into shabbiness after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, a giant Moscow complex extolling the days of the old planned economy has been restored amid a wave of nostalgia for Russia`s past.

10 killed as Ukrainian troops battle rebels

At least 10 people were killed in Ukraine as government troops stepped up their offensive against independence-seeking rebels, authorities said Thursday.

Ukraine checking Russian aid trucks: border service

Ukraine said Thursday border guards had begun checking a Russian humanitarian aid convoy at the crossing in eastern Ukraine`s restive Lugansk region.

Kiev says two Russian vehicles captured in east Ukraine

Ukraine`s military today said its forces in the east of the country had captured two Russian armoured vehicles with documents linking them to an elite army paratrooper unit.

Memories of German WWI atrocities haunt Belgium

Bloody German atrocities against Belgian civilians at the outset of World War I still haunt gentle towns such as Dinant and Louvain whose sacrifice sparked global outrage and a drive to curb war crimes. 

Humanitarian convoy to Ukraine ready to advance: Russia

A day after Ukraine agreed to ensure safe passage for the humanitarian aid convoy in areas controlled by government forces, a senior diplomat Wednesday said the Russian convoy for Ukraine`s eastern regions is ready to resume its travel.