One killed, nine injured in shelling of Russian embassy in Damascus

One Syrian was killed and nine others were injured during a mortar shelling of the Russian embassy in Damascus, the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Mortar round hits Russia embassy compound in Damascus

A mortar round hit the compound of the Russian embassy in the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday, a source at the embassy and an NGO said.

Mortar shell slams Russian embassy in Syria

A mortar shell slammed the Russian embassy in Syria`s capital Damascus Sunday, causing slight injuries to two people, Xinhua reported citing Russia Today TV.

Green activists hold protest outside Russian Embassy

A group of environmental activists on Friday held a protest outside Russian Embassy here demanding immediate release of demonstrators who were arrested in the Arctic by Russian authorities.

Man held after climbing Russian embassy fence

A man, who scaled the fence of the Russian embassy to flee police after crashing his car, has been arrested.

Russian embassy shows map of 34 Soviet WWII graves on Internet

The Russian embassy in Belgium has presented a map on its website that gives detailed information about WWII graves of Soviet citizens on the territory of Belgium.