Darfur camp dwellers stalked by militia, poverty

Intended as a safe haven, a camp housing tens of thousands of people fleeing conflict in Sudan`s Darfur region is becoming a virtual prison with armed militias roaming outside.

Julianne Hough dating Canadian Hockey player?

`Safe Haven` actress Julianne Hough has sparked dating rumours with a Canadian hockey player Brooks Laich

I want a small wedding with Ryan Seacrest: Julianne Hough

`Safe Haven` actress Julianne Hough, who is dating Ryan Seacrest, says she doesn`t want a large wedding.

Josh Duhamel injures hand with co-star`s curling iron

Hollywood actor Josh Duhamel is nursing an injured hand after accidentally tripping over his `Safe Haven` co-star Julianne Hough`s curling iron.

Nazis given safe haven in US: Report

A report says Nazis were given a "safe haven" in the US by CIA after WWII.

WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden

Sweden`s support for Internet freedom has made it a base for cyberactivists.

No ``safe haven`` for organic molecules on Mars

The atmosphere on Mars is not favourable for organic compounds such as proteins, concluded a new study.

Goa safe haven for Maoist elements: BJP

Goa has become a safe haven for Maoist elements, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleged here Monday after two rebels were arrested in the state last week.

Pak safe havens will ensure Afghan Taliban win: Report

Having a sanctuary in Pakistan and knowing that the Hamid Karzai government in Kabul is relatively weak, the Afghan Taliban feel that it enjoys several advantages that historically correlate with insurgent success.

‘Af-Pak border still a major safe haven for terrorists’

The Pakistan, Afghanistan
border is still a "major safe haven" for terrorists and
clearing out al Qaeda and Taliban remains America`s "bona
fide" mission in the region, a powerful US Senator said on Sunday.

Pakistan safe haven for militants: McCain

The United States is
facing a determined enemy in Afghanistan, who have a "safe
haven in Pakistan", a top American Senator said on Sunday.