Taiwan lesbian fights court over baby rights

A lesbian in Taiwan who was told that she could not adopt the children she parents with her partner because it would have a "negative impact" on them will appeal the landmark case, she said on Friday.

Slovenia allows same-sex couples to marry, adopt children

Slovenia joined a growing number of European countries that allow same-sex marriages late on Tuesday, almost three years after a similar law was rejected in a national referendum.

US `unwavering` in protecting gay rights: Kerry

 Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday the United States was "unwavering" in its commitment to protecting homosexuals worldwide, as he introduced Washington`s first envoy for gay rights.

Nepal committee calls for legalising same-sex marriage

 Nepal should legalise same-sex marriage, a committee charged with implementing a Supreme Court order to improve the country`s gay rights record has said.

Pope's US visit a chance to mend fences with conservatives

Pope Francis has electrified Roman Catholics in the United States with the open, accepting tone he has brought to the role, and his first visit later this year is expected to draw more than a million followers eager to set eyes on him.

Slovakia plans referendum on same-sex marriage, adoption

Slovakia will hold a referendum in February on whether to maintain a ban on same-sex marriage in the largely Roman Catholic EU member, President Andrej Kiska said on Thursday.


US high court gives green light to same-sex marriage in Kansas

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday authorized same-sex marriages to be held in Kansas, the 33rd state of 50 where it is legal, in addition to the federal capital Washington.

US to recognise same-sex marriage in 6 more states

The federal government is recognising gay marriage in six more states and extending federal benefits to those couples, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced.

SC ruling gives big boost to gay marriages in US

The United States Supreme Court has rejected appeals against gay marriages in five states including, Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Gay couples rush to courthouses in five U.S. states after Supreme Court decision

When Jim Crowder saw a news headline on his cellphone on Monday morning that a Supreme Court decision had made gay marriage legal again in Indiana, he immediately called his partner of 31 years. 

Gay couples cheer U.S. Supreme Court move, make wedding, family plans

Marina Gomberg was in bed on Monday morning when she heard the news that the U.S. Supreme Court had effectively made gay marriage legal again in Utah and she immediately started dreaming that she and her wife could become mothers.

US Supreme Court declines to take up gay marriage cases

The US Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear gay marriage cases from five states, opening the door to more same-sex weddings while putting off a nationwide decision on the hot-button issue.

Australian same-sex marriage support hits record-high: Poll

Support for same-sex marriage has reached a record high in Australia, a poll showed Tuesday, as pressure mounts on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on the issue.

US federal judge strikes down Pennsylvania law barring gay marriage

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down Pennsylvania`s ban on same-sex marriage, the latest in a series of court decisions across the country confirming gay couples` rights to wed.

Arkansas issues same-sex marriage licenses

Gay marriage has arrived in the Bible Belt in the US South, beginning with two women who had travelled overnight to ensure they`d be first in line.

UN rights chief slams Nigeria ban on gay marriage

The UN rights chief, Navi Pillay, has said Nigeria`s recent ban on same-sex marriage violated human rights and the nation`s constitution.

Myanmar couple in `first public gay wedding ceremony

While the law is not strictly enforced, activists have long complained of harassment and discrimination.

Couple sues US state over same-sex marriage

A Kentucky couple Friday sued the state, seeking to force it to issue same-sex marriage licenses after a federal judge ruled earlier this week that the state must recognize the unions if they are performed in other states or countries.

Virginia gay-marriage ban unconstitutional: US judge

A federal judge in Virginia ruled Thursday that the state`s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, on the heels of two similar rulings in other US states.

Nigeria outlaws same-sex marriage and civil unions

Nigeria`s President Goodluck Jonathan has approved a bill banning gay marriage and same-sex partnerships that sparked international condemnation, his spokesman said on Monday.