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After black, now there's a 'red burger' by Japanese Burger King

As if black wasn't a bit weird enough, Burger King Japan is now introducing a new burger in bright red color.

Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Panini

Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Panini


Reduced-fat mayonnaise--2 Tbsp 

Chopped fresh basi--2 Tbsp  

Extra-virgin olive oil, divided-- 2 Tbsp   

Eggplant slices (about 1 small)--8 1/2-inch

Garlic salt--1/2 Tsp

Whole-grain country bread--8 slices

Sandwiches major contributor to dietary sodium intake

Scientists have found that on any given day 49 per cent of US adults eat at least one sandwich, and sandwiches account for one-fifth of their total daily sodium intake.

Sandwiches eaters have a higher energy intake

Sandwiches account for one-fifth of the body's total sodium absorbtion, new research on the dietary intake of US adults shows.

Recipe: Almond Butter Sandwich

Nothing better and healthier than an Almond Sandwich for breakfast

Woman spots image of Jesus in ham bagel

A woman spotted the image of Jesus Christ while she was making a sandwich with morrisons` ingredients.

Sandwich thrown at Australian Prime Minister Julia

Ms Gillard was walking in a packed foyer of the Lyneham High School when the sandwich was thrown at her, according to media reports.

Recipe: Mashed Potato Sandwich

Try this easy and yummy recipe!

Recipe: Crispy Chicken Sandwich

We decided to pull out the chicken stock today and make a scrumptuously delicious `crispy chicken sandwich`. This could single-handedly bring brunch back into fashion. Or so we optimistically hope!

Recipe: Honey Mustard Veggie Sandwich

Start your Sunday with this low-fat, delicious sandwich!

Recipe: Sautéed Onion & Tomato Sandwich

Try out a ‘special’ sandwich today!