Salman Rushdie blames Mamata, leaves India for UK

A couple of hours after accusing West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee of blocking his visit to the eastern metropolis, Booker prize winning author Salman Rushdie on Friday left India to go back to the UK.

Satanic Verses not written for mullahs: Rushdie

The India-born controversial writer who has lived for years under the shadow of his 1988 book, now liberally jokes about the whole issue.

Rushdie`s `Satanic Verses` has hurt Muslims: Katju

PCI Chairman Markandey Katju said the "sensationalism" depicted by his book `Satanic Verses` has
deeply hurt Muslim sensitivities.

Campaign to lift ban on `Satanic Verses`

A section of authors at the Jaipur
Literature Festival launched a campaign demanding
immediate lifting of the ban on the book "The Satanic Verses".

Writers protest Rushdie’s absence at Jaipur Lit Fest

Noted authors like Amitava Kumar and Hari Kunzru protested against Salman Rushdie’s absence at the much talked about Jaipur Literature Festival.

How ‘quiet’ will Rushdie’s entry be?

The organisers of the Jaipur Literary Festival, which begins on January 20, are not the kinds who stifle space for creative people.