NASA reveals satellite images of Earth's sanctuaries in book
NASA reveals satellite images of Earth's sanctuaries in book

From the astonishing river patterns along the Bay of Bengal to weaving waterways of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh, NASA has revealed some stunning images of the Earth's last untouched sanctuaries in a new book.

Google offers free access to satellite images
Google offers free access to satellite images

Tracking melting glaciers, deforestation or disappearing elephants has been made easier as Google has now allowed access to real time, updated satellite images through its Skybox programme.

Antarctica`s `most complete satellite image` finally available for public viewing

A new most complete map of Antarctic has been made available for everybody, which could be very helpful for climate research.

US says photos show Russian artillery fired on Ukraine

The United States on Sunday released satellite images to bolster its claim that Russian artillery has fired across the border into Ukraine, targeting government forces in support of separatist rebels.

Missing jet: China releases satellite images of debris clue

China has released three satellite images showing possible debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane in the South China sea.

Missing Malaysian jet: 600,000 scan satellites images for clues

A Colorado-based company says about 600,000 people have scanned its satellite images for clues to the fate of a Malaysia Airlines jetliner that disappeared Saturday.

Google Earth accidentally captures live murder in Richmond

Google Earth reportedly ended up capturing a real life crime scene with images of a dead body lying near Sandford Avenue in Richmond.

Vast channels beneath Antarctic ice discovered

Scientists have discovered 250 meter ice channels beneath a floating ice shelf in Antarctica.

Satellite images suggest airstrike on Sudan site

A US monitoring group says satellite images of the aftermath of an explosion at a Sudanese weapons factory suggest the site was hit by an airstrike.

Myanmar: Satellite images reveal ‘destruction’ in Rakhine

A US-based human rights group has released images depicting the extent of damage in the violence-stricken Rakhine state.

Google releases images of Iran facilities

An IAEA report has expressed serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear programme.

Satellite images show 300 burned buildings in Sudan

Satellite images from a group backed by actor George Clooney showed some 300 buildings burned to the ground from a militia attack in a contested area of Sudan, the group said.

Archaeological trove found via Google Earth

Nearly 2,000 potentially important sites in Saudi Arabia identified using Google Earth.

ISRO to provide satellite images of Sabarimala

ISRO has offered to provide satellite pictures of Sabarimala area using remote sensing technology for taking measures to prevent disasters like the stampede that claimed 102 lives last week.

Satellite images support North Korea reactor claim

North Korea has said it wants to return to stalled aid-for-disarmament talks.

India to create tea gardens database with help of sat images

India would take the help of
satellite images to map tea gardens, their inventory and
land use and generate a detailed database.