Extremism 'perverse' and must be eliminated: Saudi king

Religious extremism is a perversion which must be eradicated, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah said on Sunday, with his air force engaged in a US-led campaign against jihadist militants in Syria.

Saudi king appoints son as governor of Riyadh province

Saudi Arabia`s King Abdullah appointed his son as governor of Riyadh Province on Wednesday in a move that strengthens his branch of the ruling dynasty as it approaches a difficult decision over how to transfer power to the next generation.

Saudi king grants women seats on advisory council

Saudi Arabia`s king grants women seats on the country`s top advisory council for first time.

Saudi king replaces interior minister

The Saudi monarch has removed Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz from the post of interior minister and replaced him with Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz.

Saudi King dismisses conservative adviser

Saudi Arabia implements a strict interpretation of the religion and prohibits unrelated men and women from mingling.

Saudi king says `foreign hands` behind Arab unrest

Saudi Arabia`s King Abdullah says that "unnamed hands" targeting Islam and the Arabs are behind recent events in the region.

Saudi king dismisses religious police head

Saudi King Abdullah dismissed the head of the powerful religious police, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Humain, state news agency SPA reported without giving reasons.

Saudi king makes minor cabinet reshuffle

The main ministries of defence, interior and foreign
affairs held by top members of the royal family, remain

Saudi king names Prince Salman as defence min

King Abdullah named his half-brother Prince Salman as Saudi Arabia`s defence minister to succeed the late Crown
Prince Sultan.

Saudi King revokes woman driver`s lashing sentence

A sentence of 10 lashes was imposed on a woman for breaking the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi king gives women right to vote

Women rights activists have long fought to gain the right to vote in the kingdom that applies a strict version of Sunni Islam.

Syria: Obama, Cameron, Saudi King urge to end violence

Syrian troops killed three people as tanks swept into a coastal city on Saturday.

`Saudi King spoke to Singh, Karzai about Pak`

Gilani made the remarks while briefing his Cabinet about
his visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this week and his meetings
with the leadership there, including King Abdullah.

Pak Prez, Saudi King vow to deepen bilateral ties

Saudi Arabia’s King said Riyadh will always be a steadfast friend of Pak through “thick and thin”.

Saudi king tells Obama he supports Egypt stability

US Prez phoned Saudi king in Morocco, where he is recuperating from surgery.

Saudi King showers USD 300,000 in diplomatic gifts to Obamas

In his first year as US President,
Barack Obama, his family and and staff were showered with
jewellery, ornaments and rare books worth more than USD
300,000 from Saudi Arabia`s King Abdullah.

Obama calls Saudi king, voices solidarity on Lebanon

US President also wished Saudi King a speedy recovery from recent surgery.

Hillary meets Lebanon PM, Saudi king in New York

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voices support for Hariri tribunal.

`Cut off the head of the snake`: Saudi King told US on Iran

Fearing the rise of a nuclear
Iran, Saudi Arabia wanted the US to destroy Tehran`s atomic programme, with its King Abdullah calling on Washington to
"cut off the head of the snake", according to WikiLeaks.

Saudi King calls Zardari rotten head

King Abdullah labelled Prez Zardari the greatest obstacle to Pak`s progress.