US scholars laud Pak efforts to combat violence

Lauding Pakistan`s all-out offensive against Taliban in its restive tribal region, a group of US scholars have called on the country`s military and intelligence services to focus their attention over those who carry out acts of violence.

`Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships` in Cambridge Univ

St John College announced 3 `Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships` for PhD students, each carrying 35K pounds.

Islamic scholars at Saudi meet urge `extremists` to repent

Muslim scholars from around the world
who met this week in Saudi Arabia`s holy city Medina have
denounced "terrorism" and appealed to "extremists" to repent,
a statement said on Thursday.

Islamic clerics oppose women`s reservation

Not only certain political parties, but even some influential Islamic scholars and clerics are strongly opposed to the women`s reservation bill.