Searching for Susy: Collider to push physics frontier

Excitement is mounting at the world`s largest proton smasher, where scientists are close to launching a superpowered hunt for particles that may change our understanding of the Universe.

'Interstellar' film technology decodes spinning black holes
'Interstellar' film technology decodes spinning black holes

The team responsible for the stunning visual effects in filmmaker Christopher Nolan's epic film "Interstellar" has turned science fiction into facts by providing new insights into the powerful effects of black holes.

'Star Wars' creator George Lucas has 'no interest' in science fiction
'Star Wars' creator George Lucas has 'no interest' in science fiction

The 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas has revealed that he really has no interest in science fiction at all.

Satyajit Ray's science fiction hero in Bengal's school curriculum

 Satyajit Ray's ever popular science fiction character "Professor Shonku" and his adventures will form part of West Bengal's school curriculum from next year.

`The Giver` to release in India on August 15

Hollywood upcoming science fiction `The Giver`, starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Brenton Thwaites will hit theatres in India on August 15, coinciding with its US release.

How robotic prostitutes will change the sex industry

Two Kiwi researchers have envisioned what the sex industry would be like in the year 2050, when the prostitutes would be replaced by robots.

Technology is making science fiction real: Google

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt predicted that rapid advances in technology will soon transform science fiction into reality.

Technology that helps see through walls

Peering through thick walls is no longer science fiction but stark reality, thanks to a new cutting edge technology developed by scientists.