London's Scotland Yard police HQ sold to Abu Dhabi developers

London's iconic Scotland Yard police headquarters has been sold for 370 million pounds to a real estate developer group from Abu Dhabi, 120 million pounds over the asking price.

Scotland Yard arrests British MP on charges of alleged rape

A 48-year-old British Conservative party MP has been arrested on charges of alleged rape by the Scotland Yard.

14 injured in London 5-star hotel gas explosion
14 injured in London 5-star hotel gas explosion

At least 14 people have been injured in what is suspected to be a gas explosion at a 5-star hotel in central London, officials said.

Indian-origin man claims son killed by VIPs in UK

An Indian-origin father in the UK has claimed that his eight-year-old son had been killed by politically well-connected people in 1981 and the Scotland Yard covered up the incident in a bid to protect the VIP paedophiles.

Man arrested for throwing marbles at MPs in UK Parliament

In a major security breach, a man Wednesday managed to enter the British Parliament and hurl marbles at some MPs during British Prime Minister David Cameron's weekly questions.

Female terror suspect held over Syria investigation

 A 25-year-old woman has been arrested in Britain on suspicion of "preparation of terrorist acts" linked to Syria, Scotland Yard said today.

Five charged with IS plot to kill Scotland Yard officers

Five men have been charged here in connection with an alleged Islamic State (IS) plot to carry out a drive-by gun attack against Scotland Yard officers.

UK arrests four terror suspects

 Scotland Yard officers arrested four men here today on suspicion of terror offences as part of an investigation into an alleged Islamist terrorist plot.

Scotland Yard arrests nine terror suspects in UK

Nine men, including a Pakistani- origin Islamist preacher, were arrested today by Scotland Yard on suspicion of being members of a banned organisation and encouraging terrorism in the UK.

Woman found beheaded in London garden

A woman has been found beheaded in a back garden in north London with police saying the killing was not related to a terrorist act. The body was found in Edmonton after police were called just after 1pm by residents who had seen a man armed with a knife.

IOA Secretary General, wrestling referee arrested in Glasgow

The Indian contingent at the ongoing Commonwealth Games was today left thoroughly embarrassed after IOA Secretary General Rajeev Mehta and an unattached wrestling referee, Virender Malik, were arrested on different charges

Scotland Yard to recruit only Londoners from August

Scotland Yard on Monday announced a major shift in its recruitment policy, which stipulates that any future job applicants to its force must be London-based.

UK Syria fighters pose long-term threat: Scotland Yard

The UK will have to deal with the threat of British fighters returning from strife-torn Syria for "many years", a top Scotland Yard officer warned today.

Tap social media to crush gang culture: NYPD to Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard must tap social media sites more effectively to dismantle and quash gang culture in London by tracking the electronic footprints left by the goons, according to New York police officers.

Cairns interviewed by Scotland Yard investigators over match-fixing allegations

Former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has reportedly been interviewed by investigators from the Scotland Yard over match-fixing allegations.

Sri Lankan-origin mother kills sons, commits suicide in UK

In an apparent murder-suicide, a Sri Lankan-origin woman is suspected of killing her two sons before taking her own life at their north London home.

`French secret agent planted bomb in London to test security`

A French secret agent planted a "bomb" at the French ambassador`s residence here in 1984 to test British security and the plot left Scotland Yard "extremely annoyed", according to declassified documents.

‘No credible evidence’ that Princess Diana was killed by SAS: British police

The British police have reportedly said that there is no ‘credible’ evidence that would support the claim that a member of British Army`s special forces regiment was involved in the death of Princess Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and her driver.

Gang targets Prada flagship store in London robbery

A smash-and-grab gang attacked Prada`s flagship store in a raid to steal expensive designer handbags in central London.

Scotland Yard rescues 3 women held captive for 30 years

Scotland Yard on Thursday rescued three "highly traumatised" women from a London home where they were being held as slaves for over 30 years by a couple who were arrested.