Greenland may lose ice more rapidly in future than previously thought
Greenland may lose ice more rapidly in future than previously thought

A new study has provided the first comprehensive picture of how Greenland's glaciers have changed over the past decade.

Scientists reveal unprecedented sea level rise
Scientists reveal unprecedented sea level rise

Australian scientists have made an alarming discovery that sea levels have risen more in the past century than at any other comparable period in the past 6,000 years.

30 percent economic activity in Goa at risk due to global warming

Over 30 percent of economic activity in tourism-centric Goa was vulnerable to global warming, a leading academic has said.

Rise in sea level doubled in three decades, say researchers

he rise of sea level in the world is around three millimetres per year, which is double the rate three decades ago, a senior scientist said here today.

Global sea level rise: World at threat

A glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight. It forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its melting and sublimation over many years, often centuries.

Sea level rise forces US space agency to retreat

Sea level rise is threatening the majority of NASA`s launch pads and multi-billion dollar complexes famous for training astronauts and launching historic missions to space, scientists said Tuesday.

Certainty on sea levels rise by 2030: Scientists

The burning question whether sea level rise is accelerating can only be answered with a degree of certainty by 2030, an international team of scientists has claimed.

New technique to determine whether or not sea level rise is accelerating

Scientists have developed a new method for revealing how sea levels might rise around the world throughout the 21st century to address the controversial topic of whether or not the rate of sea level rise is currently increasing.

Rapid thinning of Pine Island Glacier may continue for decades to come

A new study has suggested that the largest single contributor to global sea level rise, Pine Island Glacier (PIG), a glacier of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, may continue thinning for decades to come.

Ice melt from icebergs to have massive impact on sea level rise

Stretches of ice on the coasts of Antarctica and Greenland are at risk of rapidly cracking apart and falling into the ocean, which could worsen sea level rise, according to new findings.

14000 sq km land at risk due to sea level rise: Report

The Indian subcontinent may lose close to 14000 sq km of land with rise of a one metre of sea level due to climate change, a study has warned.

Warm ocean water melting Antarctic ice from below

A new study has found that ocean waters melting the undersides of Antarctic ice shelves are responsible for most of the continent`s ice shelf mass loss.

Warming temperatures could change Greenland’s face

Increasing global temperature would change the face of Greenland over the next century and this would impact sea level rise, a new study has revealed.

Sea level rise `may pose imminent threat to island nations`

Low-lying island nations that are threatened by the rising sea levels this century could see the disastrous consequences of climate change far sooner than expected, researchers say.

Scientists pinpoint cause of past sea level rises

Scientists have identified what actually triggered the rapid rise of sea levels in the past, using climate and ice sheet models.

Sea level rise to continue for centuries: Pachauri

Pachauri has asked coastal states to fix their infrastructure and programmes to meet sea level rise.

Pine Island Glacier behind thinning ice in Antarctica

Scientists have identified Pine Island Glacier as a major source for thinning ice in West Antarctica.

Melting icebergs causing sea level rise

Scientists have discovered that ice floating in the polar oceans is melting, causing sea levels to rise. The research is the first assessment of how quickly floating ice is being lost.