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World will bypass 2C global warming limit despite carbon pledges: Experts

World will bypass 2C global warming limit despite carbon pledges: Experts

 Experts have warned that pledges by nations to cut carbon emissions will fall far short of those needed to prevent global temperatures rising by more than the crucial 2C by the end of the century.

Climate cooling led to decline in crocodilians

 Fluctuating sea levels and global cooling led to a significant decline in the number of crocodilian species over millions of years, says a study.

John Kerry warns of refugee crisis due to climate change

 "Seismic changes" in temperatures and sea levels could create waves of refugees forced to abandon traditional homes and fight for food and water, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said as he sought commitment from the international community to address the challenge posed by climate change.

Watch: NASA data reveals seas rising more than predicted

Watch: NASA data reveals seas rising more than predicted

Sea levels worldwide are rising faster than predicted as a result of climate change, according to NASA scientists.

FIPIC summit: India to establish information technology labs in each Pacific Island country

India hosted the 2nd Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit, being held in Jaipur which is aimed at stepping up cooperation with the island nations.

France says climate talks crucial for world security

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius launched a round of global climate talks in Geneva on Sunday and warned that world security, as well as the environment, depended on their success.

Ice ages made ocean crust thicker on Earth

The Earth's ice ages have left their mark on the thickness of the planet's oceanic crust, scientists have discovered.

US tidal floods will be `chronic` in 15 yrs: Study

US tidal floods will be `chronic` in 15 yrs: Study

Many US coastal communities already struggle with flooding at high tides, a problem that will become "chronic" in the coming 15 years due to global warming, scientists said Wednesday.

`Perfect sequence of events` behind dinosaurs extinction revealed

A new study has revealed that dinosaurs were killed by a series of changes in the climate and environment such as changing sea levels, varying temperatures and extensive volcanic activity that ultimately created a perfect storm.

Certainty on sea levels rise by 2030: Scientists

The burning question whether sea level rise is accelerating can only be answered with a degree of certainty by 2030, an international team of scientists has claimed.

Melting of small area of ice on East Antarctica shore could mean 10 foot sea-level rise

Researchers have said that the if a small area of ice on East Antarctica shore melts it could lead to 10 foot rise in sea-levels.

2013 marked by record sea level, weather extremes: WMO

Sea levels this year posted a record high, making low-lying coastal populations ever more vulnerable to extreme weather like super-storm Haiyan, the UN said today.

Sea levels can rise more than 80 centimetres during 21st century

A leaked draft of a landmark climate change report prepared for the UN has revealed that sea levels of the world could increase more than 80 centimetres this century.

Sea levels to rise more than 7 feet in next millenium due to global warming

Global sea levels will rise about 2.3 meters, or more than seven feet, over the next several thousand years for every degree (Celsius) the planet warms, according to a new study.

Scientists melt mystery over icecaps, sea levels

Sea levels have already risen on average about 18 centimeters since 1900.

Sea levels will rise by 60 cm by 2100

Sea levels will rise by 60 cm by the end of the century and by another 180 cm over the next four centuries.

`Rising sea levels threatening coastal cities`

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has warned that rising sea levels could put coastal cities from Kolkata to Miami at "serious" risk.

Strong currents accelerate Antarctic ice melt

The glacier is currently sliding into the sea at a clip of four km a year.

Glaciers account for half of rising sea levels

Alaska glaciers have been losing mass more rapidly since the mid-1990s.

Sea levels set to rise by up to a metre: Report

The rise in sea levels due to global warming could make coastal flooding much more common.