UN Security Council meets over Russia aid convoy

United Nations: The UN Security Council met for emergency consultations today after Russia sent an aid convoy rolling into eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow rebels are fighting Kiev`s forces.

UN to adopt measure aimed at conflict prevention

Security Council members have agreed on a resolution aimed at intensifying efforts to prevent conflicts at a time of growing unrest around the world, Britain`s UN envoy said Wednesday.

Security Council renews UN mission in Cyprus

The UN Security Council (UNSC) Wednesday renewed a UN mission in Cyprus for another six months to continue assisting the parties in the country to bring the division of the island to a comprehensive and durable settlement.

China wants peace cooperation between UN, regional organisations

China has called for enhanced peacekeeping cooperation and coordination between the UN and regional organisations to maximise their respective advantages.

Russian UN envoy accuses Kiev over crash site takeover

Russia`s envoy to the United Nations accused Ukraine of violating a key Security Council resolution with its campaign to seize control of the crash site of Malaysian airliner MH17.

UN aid chief urges Security Council to act on Syria aid crisis

The U.N. aid chief appealed to the Security Council on Thursday to take action on the "inhuman" obstruction of humanitarian relief in Syria, as Russia and Western nations appeared at an impasse in talks on a draft resolution intended to boost access.

Security Council condemns Afghan assassination bid

The UN Security Council condemned an attempt to assassinate Afghan presidential frontrunner Abdullah Abdullah calling for an orderly transition to a new government.

UN Security Council renews mission in Somalia

The UN Security Council Thursday extended a UN mission in Somalia for one more year to continue providing "good offices" in the country`s peace and reconciliation process.

China to send peacekeeping battalion to S.Sudan: UN

China will soon send an infantry battalion to reinforce the United Nations peacekeeping mission in war-torn South Sudan, officials said Thursday.

Syria chemical arms destruction deadline won``t be met: U.N

The United Nations has confirmed that the destruction of Syria`s chemical arsenal will not be completed by June 30, a final deadline set as part of a 2013 deal that averted U.S. air strikes against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad`s government.

UN warns against new European, Arab extremist networks

New extremist networks in Europe and the Middle East may emerge from the war in Syria as thousands of foreigners fight alongside local militants, the UN Security Council heard Wednesday.

Russia calls UN Security Council meeting on Ukraine

Russia called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday to discuss the "serious escalation of violence in Ukraine," where security forces clashed with pro-Moscow separatists.

UN official warns aid failing to reach Syrians

UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos told the Security Council today only 12 per cent of Syrians in "hard to reach areas" have received aid, despite a UN resolution, diplomats said.

India conveys concern over framing of UN peacekeeping mandates

India has expressed concern over not being given an opportunity to participate in the framing of peacekeeping mandates in the UN Security Council, saying it has a right to do so as a major troop contributor for the military missions.

Russia, China skip Security Council talks on Syria

Russia is scuttling Western efforts to push through a Security Council resolution that would raise the prospect of sanctions against Syria unless the government gives unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid.

UN Security Council split on Syria war crimes

The UN Security Council is split over whether to refer reports of war crimes in Syria to the International Criminal Court.

Former Brazilian Prez backs India as UNSC permanent member

India should find a permanent place in UN Security Council to reflect the surge of developing econhomies over the developed world, former Brazilian President Luiz Inacia Lula Da Silva said.

Present structure of UN Security Council serves no one: India

India has said the UN Security Council in its present structure is "completely out of tune" with global realities and serves "no one`s purpose"

UN strongly condemns Benghazi attack on US envoy

The consulate in Benghazi was set on fire yesterday reportedly killing one American consular official.

China to take over UNSC rotating presidency

China will take over the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council in June.