India, US to jointly combat terrorism, security threats

India and US have agreed to work closely to combat terrorism, apprehend wanted criminals and effectively deal with security threats confronting them.

Russia, NATO begin analysis of common security threats

Russia and NATO have
begun a joint analysis of common security threats of the 21st
century, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has

`80% Pakistanis fear leaving home due to security threats`

80% of Pakistanis fear stepping out of their homes to visit public places like
markets and hotels, according to findings of a poll released today.

NAM, block politics outdated and irrelevant: US

US` top envoy to the UN has described NAM and other Cold War-era groupings as "outdated and irrelevant".

State police chiefs to discuss security threats

Measures to tackle terror and Maoist threats, strengthening internal security and filling the gaping vacancies in the state police forces will be topmost on the agenda at the three-day annual conference of state police chiefs.