Chinese ships in Senkaku waters for first time

Chinese coastguard ships entered the territorial waters of Japanese-controlled islands at the centre of a bitter row, Japan`s coastguard said today, the first such incursion by the organisation.

Chinese ship enters Japan`s territorial water near Senkakus

A Chinese ship entered Japan`s territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands on the East China Sea on Sunday, the Japan Coast Guard said.

Avoid actions that raise tensions in the region: US to China

Expressing concern over the flight of a Chinese government airplane near the Senkaku Island, the US has asked China to avoid actions that raises tensions.

China holds drills in East China Sea amid island dispute

China is holding Naval exercises in the East China Sea in a robust show of its military force, intended to warn rivals against territorial disputes.

‘Japan-US alliance serving as Senkaku deterrent for China’

Japan`s alliance with the US has served as a ‘deterrent’ in the territorial dispute with China as it called for calm, Japanese ambassador to US said.

`Japanese map of 1935 doesn`t claim disputed island`

A Chinese resident claimed he has a Japanese map published in 1935, where Japan doesn`t claim the disputed Islands.

Senkaku Islands row: Japanese books sale halted in China

Stores in China have reportedly suspended sales of Japanese books amid the ongoing territorial dispute.