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Keen sense of touch allows bats to fly with precision

Keen sense of touch allows bats to fly with precision

Bats fly with breathtaking precision because their wings are equipped with highly sensitive touch sensors, cells that respond to even slight changes in airflow, scientists say.

People with transplanted hands can regain feeling even years later

A new study has revealed that people who had their own hand or a transplanted hand reattached can regain near-normal sense of touch even years later of the surgery.

Fingertips, forehead most sensitive to pain

Our forehead and fingertips are the most sensitive to pain, according to a new study.

Mind-controlled limbs could give amputees sense of touch

DARPA, the Pentagon`s advanced research group, has achieved some big breakthroughs that may help restore a sense of touch to military personnel who have lost limbs in service of their countries.

Brain implants could create sense of touch in artificial limbs

Rats can`t usually see infrared light, but they have "touched" it after Duke University neurobiologists fitted the animals with an infrared detector wired to electrodes implanted in the part of the mammalian brain.

Why the blind have a superior sense of touch

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have discovered why blind people tend to have a superior sense of touch.