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UK researchers to study ways to curb TB in cattle

Last Updated: Thursday, April 03, 2014, 19:43

UK researchers are embarking on a 1-million-pound study to establish the extent to which badgers are responsible for spreading tuberculosis (TB) in cattle.

New DNA supercomputer can deliver genome sequencing for just $1k

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 12:06

Researchers have developed a new DNA supercomputer which is promising to deliver radically cheaper genome sequencing.

Locust genome could serve as blueprint for new insecticides

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 00:28

The genome sequence of Locusta migratoria is the largest animal genome sequenced so far and has provided the means with which its genes can be targeted by insecticides.

Call for developing DNA identification cards

Last Updated: Saturday, November 30, 2013, 19:10

DNA identification cards can be developed for Indian citizens to serve as a single comprehensive identity cards, said speakers at a conference on DNA here Saturday.

Now, cheese made using bacteria from human bodies

Last Updated: Sunday, November 24, 2013, 15:46

Scientists have given the good old cheese a new twist by creating 11 new types using bacteria from the feet, mouths and belly buttons of humans.

Frederick Sanger, double Nobel prize winner, dies

Last Updated: Thursday, November 21, 2013, 09:16

Tributes were paid on Wednesday to the biochemist Frederick Sanger, the "father of genomics" and the only person to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice, following his death at the age of 95.

Genomes of 201 microbes sequenced

Last Updated: Monday, July 15, 2013, 21:36

Scientists have successfully sequenced the genomes of 201 microbes to find out more about the role these tiny, single-celled organisms play in our environment.

First full set of great ape genome sequenced

Last Updated: Sunday, July 07, 2013, 16:17

Researchers have sequenced the most comprehensive catalogue of great-ape genome diversity ever, offering insight into the primate evolution.

Plankton DNA sequencing uncovers secrets of white cliffs of Dover

Last Updated: Friday, June 14, 2013, 13:37

Researchers in a major international project have sequenced the genome of Emiliania huxleyi, the microscopic plankton species whose chalky skeletons form the iconic white cliffs of Dover.

Genome of global deep ocean being sequenced

Last Updated: Thursday, June 13, 2013, 11:51

A team of Spanish researchers, coordinated by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), has begun sequencing the genome of the global deep ocean.

Genome sequencing may shed light on parrots` longevity and intelligence

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 12:28

Researchers at Texas A and M University have successfully sequenced the complete genome of a Scarlet macaw for the first time.

New `tree of life` created to study fish evolution

Last Updated: Saturday, April 20, 2013, 12:47

Fishes account for over half of vertebrate species but knowledge about relationships among its various types is still unknown.