Pets can boost your sex appeal

Pets can boost your sex appeal

 Apart from offering companionship and love, pets can also boost your sex appeal, researchers say.

Nicole Scherzinger believes in flaunting shoulders

Nicole Scherzinger says it`s better to show off shoulders than curves.

It`s official! Sex appeal lies in peacocks` tail feathers

Until recently no one could say whether the stunning tail feathers of peacocks actually drew the eyes of peahens.

Tony Abbott touts female candidate`s `sex appeal` as potential election winner

Australia`s Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has said one of his key candidates for western Sydney has a `bit of sex appeal`.

Barack`s got a little swag, says Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has admitted that she is proud of Barack Obama`s sex appeal.

Anne Hathaway regrets `good girl` image

She might be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but Anne Hathaway says her `good girl` image with no sex appeal is not interesting.

Feeling sexy didn`t come easy: Kate Beckinsale

She has repeatedly been named one of the sexiest women alive but Kate Beckinsale says it wasn`t always easy to feel sexy.

Scarlett Johansson says being curvy adds to her sexiness

Scarlett Johansson credits her striking good looks as a “by-product of being curvy.”

Kylie Minogue still has sex appeal, proves it on `X Factor`

Kylie Minogue has proved she still has sex appeal when she put in a sultry performance on the reality show X Factor.

Will Pamela’ sex appeal help pass anti-fur law ?

Anderson to use her sex appeal to persuade Israel to pass the anti-fur law.