Nicole Scherzinger believes in flaunting shoulders

Nicole Scherzinger says it`s better to show off shoulders than curves.

It`s official! Sex appeal lies in peacocks` tail feathers

Until recently no one could say whether the stunning tail feathers of peacocks actually drew the eyes of peahens.

Tony Abbott touts female candidate`s `sex appeal` as potential election winner

Australia`s Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has said one of his key candidates for western Sydney has a `bit of sex appeal`.

Barack`s got a little swag, says Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has admitted that she is proud of Barack Obama`s sex appeal.

Anne Hathaway regrets `good girl` image

She might be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, but Anne Hathaway says her `good girl` image with no sex appeal is not interesting.

Feeling sexy didn`t come easy: Kate Beckinsale

She has repeatedly been named one of the sexiest women alive but Kate Beckinsale says it wasn`t always easy to feel sexy.

Scarlett Johansson says being curvy adds to her sexiness

Scarlett Johansson credits her striking good looks as a “by-product of being curvy.”

Kylie Minogue still has sex appeal, proves it on `X Factor`

Kylie Minogue has proved she still has sex appeal when she put in a sultry performance on the reality show X Factor.

Will Pamela’ sex appeal help pass anti-fur law ?

Anderson to use her sex appeal to persuade Israel to pass the anti-fur law.