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Goddess of Thunder? Thor undergoes sex change

He is famed as the God of Thunder, but Thor is to change sex, launching an "all-new era" for the comic book icon, its publishers said Tuesday. 

A Pakistani wife wants a wife for himself

About eight months ago, Nagina Akram was a happily married woman but is now running a tyre shop and is looking for a suitable girl for "himself".

Judge orders sex change for US murder convict

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered state prison officials to provide a taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery to a transgender inmate serving life in prison for murder.

Britney Spears’ fan spends £60k on sex change to look like her

A fan of Britney Spears idolised her so much that he underwent a 60,000 pounds sex change to look like the pop star.

Sacha Baron Cohen advises Julia Gillard to get sex change

Controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen recently offered leadership tips to Australian politicians in a bid to promote his upcoming flick ‘The Dictator’.

HC no to sex change, boy threatens suicide

Guwahati student Bidhan Barua feels he is a woman trapped in man`s body.

Guwahati student moves court for sex change

A 21-year-old Guwahati student, who feels he is a woman trapped in man`s body, has moved the Bombay High Court seeking to restrain his parents from interfering with his decision to undergo a sex change operation.

Mexican fugitive had sex change to avoid arrest

Aaron Vera Morales carried identification that said he was a woman when he was caught.

Voila! Pakistani girl is now a boy

A 17-year-old Pakistani girl, who had been very sick for the past few months and turned into a boy after a sex-change operation.

Cher struggling to accept daughter`s sex change

Popstar Cher is still struggling to come to terms with her daughter Chastity Bono`s decision to undergo a sex change procedure to become a man.

Pak court rules in favour of sex change operation

In the first ruling of its kind in Pak, a court on Thursday allowed a man suffering from gender identity disorder to undergo an operation to change his sex.

Employee undergoing sex change objects to `genderless toilet`

A bank worker assigned a ‘genderless toilet’ by his employer HSBC after he started dressing as a woman in the first stage of a sex change has logged a complaint against the bank.

`Woman` jailed in men`s prison seeks sex change

A Canadian jailed in a men`s prison here - despite claiming to have always identified as a female - has sought removal of her penis and transfer to a women`s prison.