British Scouting Association apologises for past cases of sex abuse

Britain` Scouting Association apologised on Thursday to all previous members who had been abused at camps and meetings after the BBC reported that dozens of ex-scouts had begun legal action against the organisation.

Virtual reality can identify serial sexual offenders

Virtual reality may predict both the behaviour of sex offenders and the effectiveness of therapies they have undergone, a study shows.

Kenyan county wants sex offenders castrated

Authorities in western Kenya have demanded the government pass a law allowing for rapists and other sex offenders to be castrated, saying it was struggling to cope with a spike in cases of rape, paedophilia and bestiality.

Himachal police to list sex offenders on website

Himachal Pradesh police are set to launch a website which will list the names of sex offenders, an official said here on Wednesday.

UK paedophile removed from sex offenders` list

A 71-year-old convicted paedophile in Britain has been taken off the "Sex Offenders Register", leading to an outrage among the public and sparking fears that thousands of criminals could soon be free to roam the streets.

UK: Over 400 freed sex offenders commit rape again

UK news- The ‘disturbing’ revelations prompted concerns that dangerous serial criminals were being ‘let off the hook’.

Psychologists warn Internet porn ‘encourages sex offenders’

Psychologists have warned that Internet pornography is normalising extreme fantasies and increasing the risk of sexual offences.

Japan governor eyes tracking sex offenders with GPS: Reports

A Japanese regional governor is
looking into plans that could see sex offenders carry a
GPS-equipped mobile phone so that police can keep them under a
closer watch, reports said.