They killed my body, now they are killing my soul, says Yazidi girl used as sex slave by ISIS
They killed my body, now they are killing my soul, says Yazidi girl used as sex slave by ISIS

A 17-year old Yazidi girl, who in the captivity of the Islamic State or the ISIS, has disclosed the horrific abuse she is suffering as a sex slave at the hands of the dreaded terrorists.

South Korea, Japan to resume `comfort women` talks

South Korea said it would resume suspended high-level talks with Japan next week on the sensitive issue of wartime sex slaves, despite a virtual freeze in diplomatic ties.

Japan may review probe on WWII sex slavery

Japan`s top government spokesman said today that Tokyo would consider re-examining a 20-year-old study that led to a landmark apology over its forced prostitution in World War II.

US man gets 20 years in federal sex slave case

A man was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison on Thursday for holding a young woman captive as a sex slave for six years.

British girl raped by 90 men over weekend

A teenage girl in Britain was raped by 90 different men in one weekend after allegedly being enslaved by a sex ring, a shock new report has claimed.

Pakistani gang branded 11-year-old a sex slave

A gang led by seven men of Pakistani origin bought an 11-year-old girl and loaned her as a sex slave to men around Britain for 600 pounds an hour, a British court has heard.

‘Gaddafi raped, beat kidnapped schoolgirls’

According to the paper, Gaddafi repeatedly raped, beat and urinated on the teenager during her five years in captivity.

Guatemalan cop accused of holding teen as sex slave

A Guatemalan police officer was arrested on charges of holding a 14-year-old girl as a sex slave for months.

Female salon owner keeps robber as sex slave, feeding him only Viagra

A female salon owner stripped a robber naked and for the next three days, used him as a sex slave to `teach him a lesson`.

American Apparel founder sued for $250m for abusing teenage worker

The founder of American Apparel has been sued for 250 million dollars for using a teenage employee as a sex slave.

Fritzl reveals details of cushy life in jail

Josef Fritzl had kept his daughter as a sex slave in a dungeon for 24 years.

‘Dungeon Dad’ Fritzl may demand retrial: Report

Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who is serving life after he confessed to keeping his daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave in a dungeon, is secretly planning to call for a retrial of his case, it has emerged.