Aarya Babbar will miss 'sex and pizza' while in Bigg Boss house
Aarya Babbar will miss 'sex and pizza' while in Bigg Boss house

Season eight of the Bigg Boss show was back on television and the opening night on Sunday saw with twelve contestants being unveiled. Apart from this there the show also tagged three more contestants to the secret society of Bigg Boss.

Shun pills, try sex to get relief from migraine

Got a throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head? Forget pills and go between the sheets to relieve migraine symptoms.

Don't mix sexual fantasies with true love life
Don't mix sexual fantasies with true love life

Having sexual fantasies with your partner is not all that bad but people with high levels of psychopathic traits lean towards non-romantic sexual fantasies with anonymous and uncommitted partners that may harm their real sex life.

Centre seeks clarification from SC on its transgender verdict

Five months after the Supreme Court directed the Centre to grant OBC status to transgender sex, the government has sought clarification on it saying that all such people cannot be clubbed under OBC category as some of them are SC/ST by birth.

Israel police bust 'messianic' sex trade ring

Israeli police say they have broken a prostitution ring where Jewish women were brainwashed into having sex with non-Jewish men as a path to religious redemption.

Early Arctic inhabitants lived without sex, says study

 As the scientific community dwells over the possibility that Neanderthals had sex with humans, an Indian-origin researcher has found that the earliest Arctic inhabitants lived in complete sexual isolation from their neighbours for almost 4,000 years.

Morning sex makes for a healthy start!

Mornings are not just perfect for jogging or quieter moments in the park. Try sex in the wee hours that will sure improve your otherwise dull and boring day like never before!

BSP leader`s husband caught red-handed with woman friend in hotel room, arrested

Kanpur: The husband of a Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader was on Saturday arrested after he was allegedly found in a hotel room with a woman acquaintance, whose spouse landed at the spot with a police team in tow.

Top Vatican figure in row over child abuse comments

Australia`s leading Catholic cleric George Pell, a top Vatican official, came under fire Friday after drawing an analogy between the church`s response to child abuse and a trucking company.

US morgue worker admits to having sex with 100 corpses

An morgue attendant in the US state of Ohio has admitted to having sex with up to 100 corpses, media reported.

Woman forces friend to sleep with husband to watch live sex, arrested

Ever heard of an incident where a woman has forced a friend to have sex with her husband that too in front of herself?

Most Britons not satisfied with sex life

Most Britons are not satisfied with their sex life, a survey reveals.

Michael Jackson had sex code words?

James Safechuck, who has accused Michael Jackson (MJ) of molesting him when he was young, claims that the late pop star had a list of secret words for sex.

Orlando Bloom not upset with Justin Bieber?

Actor Orlando Bloom has reportedly put his spat with singer Justin Bieber behind him.

Justin Bieber`s claim of Miranda Kerr wanting to `make him a man` resurfaces

Justin Bieber`s earlier claim that Miranda Kerr vowed to "make him a man" has re-emerged recently after the `Bieber-Bloom` fight.

Drew Barrymore hookup rumours makes me want to vomit, says Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has slammed the rumors of having sex with her friend and former co-star Drew Barrymore and has said that such rumors make her want to vomit in her mouth.

Having TV in bedroom helps couples enjoy sex twice as much

A new study has revealed that couples have double the amount of sex if they have a television in their bedroom.

Men enjoy foreplay more than women

A new study suggests that men enjoy foreplay more than women and would like the build-up to sex to last longer than their lovers.

How often do women masturbate?

Research shows that most women over the age of 18 have masturbated at least once.

PDA becomes unacceptable when you`re older

A new study has claimed that Public Displays of Affection ( PDA) is unacceptable after a certain age.