Tara Reid Launches New `Shark` Perfume

`Sharknado` actress Tara Reid is launching a new perfume inspired by her popular shark drama whose second installment `Sharknado 2: The Second One` premiered on July 30.

Sharks` underwater world captured by new camera footage

Shark`s eye view! Instruments strapped onto and ingested by sharks have provided novel insights into how one of the most feared and least understood ocean predators swims, eats and lives, scientists say.

New insights into shark`s life revealed

Instruments strapped onto and ingested by sharks are revealing novel insights into how it swims, eats and lives.

Teen killed by shark off Australia`s east coast

A teenager has been killed by a shark off Australia`s east coast. It is the second fatal shark attack in Australia this month.

New rare shark species discovered

Scientists have discovered a remarkable new species of a rare hammerhead shark in South Carolina.

Diver attacked by shark off Australia

A commercial diver suffered "substantial" injuries after being attacked by a shark off remote Western Australia, officials said today, with reports describing it as his second mauling in a decade.

Meet the `shark that can walk` on ocean bed!

A `walking shark` has been discovered by scientists off the coast of Indonesia.

Shark bites teen surfer`s legs off Hawaii

Hawaii authorities say a shark has left a 16-year-old surfer with injuries on both legs. It`s the second shark attack in the state in less than a week.

India world`s second biggest shark catcher

Indonesia and India were today named as the world`s biggest shark catchers, with over 20 per cent of global catches between 2002 and 2011, in an EU-backed probe to protect seven threatened species of sharks and rays.

Shark pups play dead in predator`s presence

Shark pups in embryos play dead in a predator presence, literally holding their breath and becoming still, shutting down their own electric field, says a research.

Shark brains `similar to humans`

Researchers have found that shark brains share several features with human brains, which could help them work on a shark repellent.

Shark falls from sky onto a US golf course

A two-foot long leopard shark apparently fell from the sky on the 12th tee of a Golf club in southern California.

Octopus wins food battle against shark

Marine scientists have captured footage of an octopus restraining a tenacious shark so it could make off with all the food for itself.

Sharks `in trouble worldwide`

Sharks are in big trouble on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and worldwide, according to scientists who claim to have developed the world`s first way to measure rates of decline in shark population.

Sharks were once small, harmless fish

In popular imagination, sharks are fearsome predators looking for their next unfortunate victim.

Shark kills UK honeymoon tourist in Seychelles

A shark savaged a British tourist
as his newly-wed wife watched from the beach in the
Seychelles, the second holidaymaker to die in such an attack
this month, police said.

Katrina Kaif’s date with shark!

India’s most beautiful woman and Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s recently had a strange encounter with marine species during the shoot of her upcoming flick ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’.

Shark deaths pack oceans with small fish

The oceans are becoming over-crowded with sardines due to the decline of big predators.

Paris conservation meeting protects sharks

Fishing nations at an Atlantic conservation conference in Paris took measure to protect sea turtles and several types of sharks.

Shark `skin-teeth` aid fast turns: Study

US researchers have found teeth-like scales on their skin that may help them make quick underwater turns.