Sharks vulnerable to over-fishing

Certain shark species migrate much less than previously thought, making them vulnerable to over-fishing, says a study.

Jet Airways bans shipment of shark fins: HSI
Jet Airways bans shipment of shark fins: HSI

Jet Airways has banned shipment of shark fins, joining a growing number of major international carriers committed to protecting declining shark populations and marine ecosystems.

'Ancient fish pioneered penetrative sex'

Sexual intercourse was pioneered by a group of unsightly, long-extinct fish about 385 million years ago in Scotland, Australian scientists have reported.

Sharks have personalities too: Study
Sharks have personalities too: Study

A new study has revealed that sharks have personalities too, as some of them can be 'gregarious' and have strong social connections, whilst others are more solitary and prefer to remain inconspicuous.

Busting scuba diving myths
Busting scuba diving myths

Trained in scuba diving actress Anindita Nayar says you mustn’t fear the ocean

Anindita Nayar

The fear of scuba diving is often a byproduct of numerous myths floated around by amateurs. But here are a few reasons why you need not fear taking up this sport:

Why sharks 'appear to be math genius' revealed
Why sharks 'appear to be math genius' revealed

A new study has revealed that sharks possibly are more sensible than clever, which might make them appear like they are brilliant mathematicians.

West Australia scraps shark cull policy
West Australia scraps shark cull policy

The Western Australia government on Friday said it would abandon its controversial catch-and-kill shark policy after objections from the state's environmental agency, in a move welcomed by conservationists.

Sharks new threat to Google cables underseas

There is a new threat to Google fibre-optic cables at the ocean floor- Sharks.

Sharks able to cope with climate change

Amid fears that climate change may further contribute to already declining population of sharks, a study has found that sharks in the Arctic may be able to cope with the change.

Sharks thrived in Arctic`s brackish water 50m years ago: Study

A recent study has found that the Arctic Ocean was very brackish and had reduced salinity back then, indicating that Sharks thrived some 50 million years ago.

New shark detecting technology alerts lifeguards

A new technology that can detect sharks and send alerts to lifeguards via smartphones is being developed in Australia.

Must try scuba diving with sharks: Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz thinks every woman should experience scuba diving with sharks.

Snails bigger danger to humans than combo of lions, sharks and wolves

Freshwater snails cause the death of about 10,000 people every year, in comparison, the three traditional predators kill just 120 across the globe annually.

Modern sharks may not be "living fossils"

Modern sharks have undergone many more evolutionary changes than previously thought and are not the "living fossils" of their prehistoric ancestors, a new study has found.

Sharks use all available senses to hunt down prey

A new study has revealed that when a shark gets hungry, it will use all the senses it has available to hunt down something to eat.

25% of sharks and rays at high risk of extinction

A new assessment by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has revealed that a quarter of the world`s sharks and rays are at risk of extinction.

Tagged sharks in Australia send auto-tweets to warn swimmers

In an innovative move to curb shark attacks, more than 300 sharks in Australia have been tagged with transmitters so that an automatic tweet warning is sent when they are dangerously close to the shore.

Human hunting behaviour similar to sharks and honey bees

A team of anthropologists has found that the Hadza tribe`s movements while foraging can be described by a mathematical pattern called a Levy walk, a pattern that also is found in the movements of many other animals like sharks and honey bees.

Sharks prefer attacking prey from behind

Researchers have claimed that sharks can comprehend body orientation and therefore know whether humans are facing them or not.

Overfishing of sharks endangers reefs: Study

Scientists studying reefs off Australia said Thursday sharks play a fundamental role in the health of coral, and overfishing of them made reefs more vulnerable to global warming and weather disasters.