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Birds can 'weigh' nuts too: Study

Just like humans, birds too can choose the best quality peanuts without even opening their shells, says a recent research.

15-million-year-old mollusc protein found

Researchers in the US have discovered "beautifully preserved" 15 million-year-old thin protein sheets in fossilised shells of a snail-like, shallow marine-dwelling mollusc called Ecphora.

Shell-crushing Jurassic fish revealed

An undergraduate student from University of Bristol, Britain, has revealed the feeding habits of an unusual 200-million-year-old fish.

Snails help scientists investigate rise, fall of Tibetan Plateau

Snails help scientists investigate rise, fall of Tibetan Plateau

A new research has helped scientists investigate the rise and fall of the Tibetan Plateau by using snail shells.

Snipers, shells, tanks terrorize key Libyan city

Moammar Gadhafi`s snipers and tanks are terrorizing civilians in the coastal city of Misrata,the US military has warned.

J&K: Police use teargas shells to disperse stone-pelters

Police burst teargas shells and used
batons to disperse stone-pelting protestors at Maisuma in the
heart of the city this afternoon, official sources said.

Argonaut octopuses use shells as flotation devices

Australian researchers have found that unique, free-swimming octopuses called argonauts, use their stunning white shells to remain neutrally buoyant beneath the sea surface.

Millions of baby turtles break out of shells

Millions of baby
Olive Ridley marine turtles have emerged at Gahirmatha off
Orissa`s coast, wildlife officials said Sunday.

NKorea fires 80 shells despite warning shots: Seoul

North Korea fired more than 80 shells
near its disputed sea border with South Korea on Wednesday, officials
said, sparking an artillery exchange which fuelled tensions on
the peninsula.

Snail shells to inspire next gen ‘impermeable’ armor

In a new research, a team of materials scientists has found new facts about a tiny snail that lives on the ocean floor, which could help scientists design better armor for soldiers and vehicles.