Yemen's rebels attack home of Islamist, 12 killed

Yemen's empowered Shiite rebels attacked the home of a rival Islamist politician south of the capital on Saturday, setting off clashes that left 12 people dead, security officials said, adding that the politician was not home at the time.

Unstable Yemen a threat: Gulf ministers

Instability in Yemen, where Shiite rebels overran the capital last week, threatens regional security, interior ministers of the Sunni-dominated Gulf Cooperation Council said after an emergency meeting on Wednesday.

Yemen frees Iran 'Guards' accused of links to Shiite rebels

Yemen has freed two Iranians said to be members of the Islamic republic's elite Revolutionary Guards who were accused of links to Shiite rebels, according to sources.

US condemns Shiite rebels in Yemen

President Barack Obama`s top counter-terrorism advisor called President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi on Wednesday to condemn Shiite rebels the Yemeni leader says have brought his country to the brink of civil war.

Yemeni Shiite rebel sweep into capital kills 340

In a stunning sweep of the Yemeni capital, the country's Shiite rebels seized homes, offices and military bases of their Sunni foes, forcing many into hiding and triggering an exodus of civilians from the city after a week of fighting that left 340 people dead.

Yemeni PM resigns amid deadly clashes in capital

 Yemeni Prime Minister Mohammed Basindawa resigned Sunday amid week-long deadly clashes between the army and Shia rebels here in the capital, a government official said.

Shiite rebels hold key Sanaa offices after Yemen peace deal

 Shiite rebels held position Monday around key government offices and army bases in the Yemeni capital which they captured without resistance just hours before the signing a UN-brokered peace agreement.

Yemen deal signed after Shiite rebels seize government

 Rival groups in Yemen have signed a UN-brokered peace deal after Shiite rebels seized the government headquarters and the prime minister resigned following raging violence in the capital.

Yemen Shiite rebels seize government HQ, PM resigns
Yemen Shiite rebels seize government HQ, PM resigns

Shiite rebels seized the Yemeni government headquarters on Sunday and prime minister Mohamed Basindawa resigned, accusing the president of being "autocratic", senior officials said.

Fighting rages in Yemen capital despite UN talk of deal

 Fighting raged in the Yemeni capital on Sunday despite an announcement by the UN envoy that pro-government forces and Shiite rebels were poised to sign a deal.

UN announces accord to `resolve crisis` in Yemen

The UN envoy to Yemen announced Saturday that an accord had been reached to "resolve the current crisis" in Yemen, after a week of deadly fighting between Shiite rebels and pro-government forces.

Yemen TV building on fire as clashes continue in capital

Yemen`s state-run television building caught fire after a three-day mortar attack by Shi`ite rebels who are protesting against the government, residents and a TV employee said on Saturday,

Yemen clashes kill nearly 40 as UN envoy presses rebel talks

Fighting between Shiite rebels and Sunni Islamists backed by troops killed nearly 40 people outside Sanaa on Thursday, as the UN envoy huddled in the rebel stronghold to try to end Yemen's political crisis.

25 killed in clashes in northern Yemen

Yemeni security and tribal officials say at least 25 people were killed in clashes between Sunni tribesmen affiliated to the country's Muslim Brotherhood group and Shiite rebels in a northern city.

Yemen Army, tribes clash with Shiite rebels

Shiite Huthi rebels clashed Monday with Yemeni army forces and loyalist tribes northeast of Sanaa as a UN envoy kept up mediation efforts, tribal sources said.

Yemen to name new PM in deal with Shiite rebels

Yemen's president is expected to appoint a new prime minister within 48 hours under a new deal with Shiite rebels in return for ending their weeks-long protests, a source close to the presidency said today.

Yemen moves to clear rebel sit-in blocking airport

Yemeni security forces on Sunday moved to break up a sit-in held by Shiite rebels blocking the capital's airport road, using water cannons, bulldozers and tear gas, security officials and witnesses said.

Yemen talks with Shiite rebels `fail`: President envoy

Talks with Shiite rebels, who have set up armed protest camps in the Yemeni capital, have "failed" after they rejected a proposed government of technocrats, the president`s negotiating team said.

Shiite rebels agree to pull out of key Yemen city

Yemeni Shiite rebels agreed on Saturday to withdraw from Amran, seized in a push towards the capital, in a deal struck with authorities who are dispatching troops to the strategic city.

25 killed in Yemen Army clashes with Shiite rebels: Medics

Eleven Yemeni soldiers and 14 Shiite Huthi rebels were killed Tuesday during clashes in a stronghold of the insurgents in the north of the country, medics said.